10 ‘Innocent’ Foods That You Cannot Dabao Back from M’sia to S’pore

Last Updated on 2023-06-21 , 2:54 pm

You might be wondering, “Can I bring cooked food from Malaysia to Singapore, or am I constrained by rules and regulations?” Allow us to guide you through this culinary labyrinth.

The Exciting (Yet Tricky) Art of Bringing Food into Singapore from Malaysia

If you’ve ever entertained the thought of stuffing your luggage with Malaysian delicacies to relish back home, you’re not alone. This can be a thrilling adventure, but is it even legal?

The Fine Balance of Fruits and Vegetables

While embarking on your culinary journey, you might be tempted to bring back an orchard’s worth of fruit and vegetables. However, if you’re wondering, “Can I bring fruits into Singapore?” the answer is a calculated yes. Hand carry bag-sized quantities of fruit and vegetables are permissible, but anything resembling a mini-harvest could land you in hot soup with the authorities.

Walking on Eggshells with…Eggs?

Are you a fan of Malaysian eggs and considering bringing a dozen or two back to Singapore? Brace yourself for disappointment. Only hen eggs from certain countries are permitted, and unfortunately, Malaysia doesn’t make the list. It’s safer (and easier) to just pick them up from your local Singaporean store.

Seafood: A Tricky Tide to Navigate

When it comes to “Bringing food into Malaysia from Singapore” or vice versa, seafood can be a touchy subject. While cooked fish products, crab meat, or prawn meat from Malaysia are permitted, they have to be frozen post-cooking. So, planning on packing seafood dishes with your economy rice or bee hoon for the ride home? Think again.

If you’re questioning whether to bring raw seafood across the border, the answer is a resounding no. Beyond the potential for health risks, the smell alone should be a deterrent.

The Bird’s Nest Limit

Thinking about “What food cannot bring to Singapore?” Bird’s nest might be a surprising item on this list. While it’s a popular delicacy, it comes with strict restrictions: not more than 1kg can be brought into Singapore, regardless of its value.

Can I Bring Milk Powder from Malaysia to Singapore?

Regrettably, for all those hoping to save on the often cheaper Malaysian milk powder, the law stands firm. Malaysia’s legislation states that milk powder is not permitted to leave its borders. Alas, imagine the potential savings!

The Strict Prohibited Food from Malaysia to Singapore List

  1. Meat Restrictions

Whether you’re fond of beef, mutton, pork, or poultry, they are all prohibited food from Malaysia to Singapore, due to concerns about diseases such as bird flu or influenza. Although some meat from approved countries is allowed, we suggest not holding your breath for that Malaysian bak kwa.

  1. Limits on Processed Food

Processed meat, seafood, fresh fruits, and vegetables also come with a cap: a maximum of 5kg or 5 litres, and they mustn’t be worth more than $100.

  1. Fast Food: A Surprise Inclusion

Even your beloved McDonald’s and KFC fall under the above restrictions. But who in their right mind would plan to buy McDonald’s or KFC in Malaysia and bring it to Singapore? Surely not!

To make your culinary adventure as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible, always remember to keep tabs on what’s allowed and what’s not. Don’t risk losing your delicious food at the border.

BONUS: Can You Bring Back Chewing Gum?

Last but not least, you might be asking yourself, “Can I bring back chewing gum from Malaysia?” Technically…the answer is yes. Watch this video to the end for an eye-opening revelation: