10 Gems in JB City Square Like Laser Tag to Make the 2-Hour Jam Worthwhile

Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 12:50 pm

If you haven’t been to JB for quite some time, you need to know that City Square is no longer the same City Square some five years ago. Now there are activities like laser tag and karaoke.

I was in for a shock myself when I made a visit few months ago.

While you might argue that the shops jacked up their prices due to visitors from Singapore, you can deny that they do have gems that you can’t find anywhere here.

Like these ten gems.

Laser Tag In Johor Bahru (Laser Battle)

Image: TripAdvisor

Known as the most advanced laser tag arena in Southeast Asia, this game arcade is not to be missed, especially for the youths who are looking for some real action. Engage in some fun and chase the stresses away with your friends!

Located on: Level 4 – MS-11 & 12

Neway Karaoke JB

Image: newaykb.com.my

What makes this karaoke outlet special is that it’s family friendly, unlike those dim outlets that reek of smoke. It’s almost like a Singapore KTV room (whereby smoking is banned) with Malaysia price! So if you’re in JB with family, head down to Neway and belt out a few songs!

Located on: Level 5 – Lot M5-01

House of Traditional Javanese Massage

I’ve seen countless good reviews about this massage house but didn’t manage to secure a slot because they were always full. We all know massages in Singapore are overpriced, so head down to this one to enjoy cheap but high quality Javanese massage (if you can book a slot, that is).

Located on: Level 2 – M2-23

Thai Odyssey 

Image: weekendnotes.com

Unlike house of traditional Javanese massage, this massage house is a little harder to find but you are definitely in for a treat if you do. You feel like you’re in Thailand once you step in, all at a friendly Malaysia price. But as usual, booking a slot might be a tad difficult, because #everyoneknowsthis

Located on: Level 3 – MF-20 & 20A

Hui Lau Shan

hui lau shan
Image: vkeong.com

This is a must-go before making my trip back to Singapore! Although they are known for their mango desserts, try other fresh fruit desserts and their herbal tea too. Their motto is to provide healthier alternative desserts so you don’t have to worry about consuming too much sugar!

Located on: Level 3 – J3-20

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

Image: cavinteo.blogspot.sg

Malaysian goodness that you don’t have to go up to Penang to taste. Need you anymore reason to check this out?

Located on: Level 3 – MF-19A

My Attitude

my attitude
Image: citysqjb.com

What caught my attention is the design of the shop that contradicts the rebellious vibe of the shop’s name. The latest styles can be found here, with affordable prices! Think of it as a 77th Street, Malaysia style.

Located on: Level 4 – Lot M4-06

Wenpp Boutique

Image: citysqjb.com

This shop screams “cheap, trendy and stylish” and it’s everything that a girl could want. It’s almost like any shop in Bugis street…and even cheaper. And sometimes trendier. What more could you ask for?

Located on: Level 4 – Lot MS-30


Image: locatedat.com

Similar to the shop ‘Totally Hot Stuff’, this shops sells quirky furnitures and bean bags. The highlight of my visit to this shop were the super affordable posters framed in glass. Trust me, once you’re in, you’ll come out with something.

Located  on: Level 4 – J4-09

Cody Gift Shop

Image: locatedat.com

This shop is impossible to miss once you chance upon it. From key chains to soft toys, you can easily find a gift you need for a friend or two. Not that it’s common for anyone to buy a gift when you’re in JB, but well…you get the idea.

Located on: Level 4 – Lot MS-19