5 glasses hack that every 四眼田鸡 should know, because we all 四眼田鸡


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:36 pm

Like many Singaporean children, myopia hit me at a very young age. Since then, I have been a 四眼田鸡 (“Four Eyes”), subjected to the horrors of wearing spectacles. It’s a love-hate relationship I guess, since glasses have restored a somewhat perfect vision in my life.

Here are some hacks to make your Four Eyes life a little better.

Put a small strip of glow on your spectacles case.
If you like to keep your spectacles properly in a case at night before you sleep, you’ve probably experienced the mad scramble and midnight charade/mime performance when you suddenly need to find your spectacles in the dark. This is when two eyes felt like no eyes, right? Put a small strip of glow (either paint it on or stick a glowing object) on your case, and you will never have to put yourself through this nightmare again.

Put a rubber band around your shampoo bottle to distinguish it from other similar-looking containers.
Ah, bath time– the time where we are well and truly alone with our myopia, as we surrender our glasses. Often, I have had to pick up several bottles, squint to read their print to figure out which one is my bath foam, shampoo and conditioner. Especially if they are new. By putting a rubber band around one bottle (and committing to memory what that bottle is), you can wash away this inconvenience.

Use micro-fibre cloths to clean your spectacles.
Have you ever tried wiping your spectacles with tissue, a towel or even worse, your shirt? Because I have and it is the most frustratingly futile thing ever. Though larger particles do come off quite easily,  the smaller ones stubbornly remain. I also really cannot stand having small specks dotting my vision. Micro-fibre cloths attach themselves to small dirt particles much better than normal cloths, due to adhesive forces (“van der Waals” forces for those who are curious) between its microfibres and dirt.

Put your spectacles on a flat surface to adjust nose pads.
Do this so you can see them in relation to each other and make more accurate adjustments. If you hold your spectacles in the air to do this, chances are it’s not going to be straight.

Use your phone camera.
If you ever lose your spectacles and need an instant solution to see things a bit clearer, use your phone camera’s zoom function to look around and function like a normal human being.

There you have it– 5 things to make your 四眼田鸡 life easier!

Top Image: leungchopan / Shutterstock.com