10 Google Search Tips To Make Online Research Much Easier

Last Updated on 2022-10-01 , 1:04 pm

Admit it: We have it easier than our parents, because if we need to know something, all we need to do is go on Google and with a few strokes of the keyboard, the information we want is readily accessible.

But do you know that you can use the search engine in even smarter ways? Hack your life with this cool Google search tips.

Type “site:” to find results from a specific site

Want to find something from Wikipedia only? Or maybe you want to search for news on a certain newspaper portal. Instead of typing the keywords only, add the words site:  to your search to show results from the specific site.

Example: site: wikipedia rocket science

Include the minus sign to eliminate words you don’t want

You want to search for something but you want to exclude certain results from your search. Just include the minus sign and the word that you don’t want into your search.

Example: salad -chicken

Put an asterisk to replace words you do not know or can’t remember

Perhaps you have forgotten how the whole phrase sounds like and only remember the beginning or the end. That’s fine, you can replace the words with an asterisk and Google will do the rest.

Example: this is * you came for by Calvin harris

Put a plus sign for words that have more than one meaning

There are plenty of words in the English language that can have more than one meaning but has the same spelling. Save your time by putting the plus sign into your search box.

Example: arsenal + football

Type “related:” for similar sites

If you want sites that are similar to what you are searching for, just include the word related: before the phrase and you are good to go.

Example: related: wikipedia

For the price range, use “…”

Searching for something to buy within your price range of $200 to $400? Let Google do the heavy lifting for you.

Example: iPad Air $200…$400

Use quotation marks for phrases

It can be frustrating if you are searching for a whole phrase but Google results do not understand and they will pick the keywords and show you results based on that. Try using quotation marks for a total game-changer.

Example: “Hershey chocolate chips” cookies recipe

Include “filetype” for a certain type of file

You are looking to download some important information in pdfs only and want to make it quick. Help Google help you by including the words filetype into your search.

Example: managing finances filetype:pdf

Ask for specific weather forecast

Do you want to know the weather in London? Or maybe you are travelling overseas and want to know what the weather forecast. Simply type forecast followed by the place in the search box.

Example: forecast in Bangkok

Easy conversion

Sometimes you need to convert inches to cm, Celsius to Fahrenheit or maybe you want to know the current currency exchange rate. Google can do that for you easily.

Example: 10 inches into cm / 10 USD to SGD


Play Pacman on Google itself! Just type Google Pacman and let the fun begin. Take a break from your research but remember to finish your assignments.