10 greatest D.I.Y vehicles from China that either impress you like siao, or make you laugh like mad


Last Updated on 2016-06-23 , 12:28 pm

Not everyone can afford a nice BMW or a fancy helicopter, so why not build one? Some people in China have already started on this idea and whether they are awesome or not, you decide.

Homemade plane that fell short of reaching the skies

Image: dailymail.co.uk

A farmer who obviously had too much time on his hands decided to make a plane using scrap materials. Put together by just an old motorbike, plywood and some pieces of plastic, this farmer was convinced that it could fly.

Unfortunately, his first attempt would have almost cost him his life. He was not deterred though and has vowed to make the plane fly. Well, good luck!

Wooden electric car that is actually not too shabby

electric car
Image: inhabitat.com

This fully-operational , all-electric car that is made up entirely of wood was made by a Chinese carpenter. The car measures eight feet long by four feet wide, weighs over 770lbs, and can reach a travelling speed of up to 30 miles per hour.

It even has a few missiles attached on the sides and the roof. Bells, whistles, and also mirrors and lights. Pretty awesome for a DIY project I would say!

A submarine that actually stays on its belly

Image: telegraph.co.uk

A Chinese farmer used recycled materials and parts of a small yacht to build a miniature submarine. According to him, the submarine can travel for 20km/h for 10 hours. It can also dive up to 20 metres and is shaped like a dolphin. The submarine is also equipped with fishing and safety devices and life support systems. Can you imagine our Navy soldiers using one of these in a war?

The submarine is also equipped with fishing and safety devices and life support systems. Can you imagine our Navy soldiers using one of these in a war?


A tank that you might not want to use for war

Image: nbcnews.com

Once again, a farmer who used to serve in the Chinese navy made a tank that weighs nearly three tonnes. According to him, the tank is made up of brand new steel plates and iron tyres taken from a harvester. The turret can rotate 360 degrees and the barrel is height adjustable and can make the sounds of an analogue shell.

Pretty cool but definitely not war-material.

A dream come true floating bicycle

Image: odditycentral.com

Also known as an amphibious bicycle, this homemade vehicle has eight water buckets that act as pontoons and adjustable vane wheels that provide the driving power.

It really does work so your dreams of cycling on water have come true. It might not look very pretty but it can be ridden on both land and water so that makes it awesome right?

A UFO that is out of this world

Image: telegraph.co.uk

A homemade flying saucer was built and designed by a Chinese farmer. It is mainly consists of steel and some scrap materials.

It is 4-metres in diameter and is powered by 8 motor engines and during a test flight he managed to fly it 2 metres above the ground for over 30 seconds. Not bad at all!

A hot-air balloon that makes you high

Image: dailymail.co.uk

Above the ground is what I meant. An inventor in China built his very own Zeppelin made out of. It can sit two people and travel just over 30 miles per hour at 1,640 feet above the ground.

The zeppelin is about 33 feet tall and 75 feet long. The top portion is composed of a hydrogen-filled airbag while the bottom is made up of the seat and controls.

The parts for the zeppelin were all imported from Germany, making it quite safe to fly. Quite a smart invention isn’t it?

A water plane that will make you gush

water plane
Image: telegraph.co.uk

Two aviation fans in China made a water plane out of scrap materials. With a wingspan of just 2 metres, the plane can carry two passengers. The fuel tank is positioned just above the head of the pilot and had a successful maiden flight.

The two have assembled many planes over the last two years but this was their first attempt at making a water plane. Well, it was definitely a job well done!


A giant motorcycle that will teach cars not to mess with you

Image: theatlantic.com

A 30-year-old Uighur sewage treatment plant worker made a giant motorcycle that is 2.4 meters tall. He used parts from salvage stations to build this motorcycle and the converted engine can power the motorcycle with a speed of 40 km per hour.

Though it looks like a real daredevil, it scores low on the practicality scale. There is no way you can bring this out onto the road!

A private helicopter to bring you places

Image: shanghaiist.com

An amateur aviator designed and created his very own helicopter. It can reach a speed of 200 km/h and fly an incredible 400 km. Except for some key parts like engine and radiator, he made the plane himself using aluminium alloy materials.


The fuel for the helicopter is composed of ordinary gasoline for cars and a little engine oil and it consumes almost the same amount of gas as ordinary cars. Best DIY vehicle award goes to this guy!

This would have probably given you guys some inspiration so I am certainly looking forward to hearing about the next big invention from Singapore!

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