10 hacks to have that perfect nap on public transports


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We lead busy and tiring schedules and it is common to see people dozing off on the MRT or buses every day. Most of the positions that people take are uncomfortable and prevent them from taking a proper nap.

Here are 10 hacks to have a perfect nap on the MRT and buses.

Put on your headphones
This is what most people are doing. Having the headphones on blaring music into our ears will help to block noise from the background. It allows us to have a better quality nap since it will block the loud yakking from inconsiderate commuters to the loud crying of irritated babies or young toddlers. Do make sure to buy a pair of headphones that feels comfortable to you.

Listen to soothing music
Listening to relaxing and melodious music will help you to sleep better, even if it is on the MRT/bus. It calms the mind and encourages the body to relax and eventually to have a good nap. A power nap of 20 minutes on the MRT/bus listening to such music will refresh us considerably. Just search for “sleeping music” on YouTube.

Lean forward and place your head on your bag
This is the correct way to sleep on public transport. By doing this, you avoid awkward moments when you wake up to find yourself sleeping on a kindly stranger’s shoulder. This position also supports the neck and ensures that you will not wake up with a stiff neck after a nap.

Cover your eyes with a sleeping mask
If you are someone who cannot sleep with bright lights shining into your eyes, try wearing a sleeping mask to block out the bright lights. It will also send a good signal to the people around you that you are trying to nap and might just influence them into being a bit more considerate.


Take the seat next to the two-seaters reserved seat in the MRT
This is the optimal seat in the MRT because it has a panel for you to lean on for naps. It is not the reserved seat as well – so you technically are not wrong if you are so sound asleep that you do not see someone else who needs the seat more. It has a much lower chance of finding yourself on Stomp if you take that seat instead of the reserved seat.

Set an alarm to wake yourself up
If you worry about missing your stop, time your travel and set an alarm to wake up 5 minutes before you reach your stop. This will give you a sense of security and allow you to nap more peacefully.

Sleep on the shoulder of your partner
If you are travelling with your partner, the best place to sleep on is the shoulder of his/her shoulder. It is a nice soft pillow for your head and it also mean that you will be safe from awkward moments. This position often brings a degree of closeness between the two of you as well. The only downside to this position is a possible stiff neck when you wake up.

Choose a window seat on the bus
If you are taking the bus, choose a window seat. The window panel is the perfect place for you to rest your head on while you sleep. Just check to make sure there is no yucky stuff on the window. We do happen to see stuff that are stuck on the window which are more suited in a dustbin.


Put your feet up against the seat in front of you
This can be considered rude if there is someone sitting in front of you, but it is really one of the best position you can have while napping on the bus. Your body will tilt at about a 70 degree angle when you do this and studies show that this is the optimal way to sleep while sitting down.

Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict or embarrasses you
Wear clothing which allows you to nap in a comfortable manner. Refrain from wearing restrictive or revealing clothing which might become a cause of embarrassment. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, you will be comfortable to nap in peace.

We hope that these 10 hacks are helpful to you and we wish you a happy perfect nap every day!

Top Image: Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock.com

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