10 Hidden Gems in Queensway Shopping Centre That’re Not Sports-Related

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Queensway Shopping Centre is known for being a sports mall where you can get all your sports needs for a very reasonable and affordable price. But did you know that there are about 10 hidden gems located at Queensway Shopping Centre? No?

Well, let’s read on and find out!

1. Katong Laksa

Image: thefatchemist.com

There are two shops which sell Katong Laksa – Janggut The Original Katong Laksa Since 1950 and 328 Katong Laksa. This laksa which populated by the Peranakans is famous among the residents there as well as students who ended their classes. The laksa is often cut into short pieces so that patrons who have a meal there would not have to worry about getting their clothes dirty as they can eat it with their spoon. So, if you’re already at the shopping Mall here, do try out their Laksa!

2. Army gears

If going to the Army Market at Beach Road is a hassle for you, you can drop by here as there are shops selling army products and needs. So, NSMen, what are you waiting for? You can buy them here from the aunties who owns their respective shops.

3. Hansik Korean Restaurant

This family restaurant aims to provide a place for families to gather and partake of appetising home-cooked Korean meals that promote good health and wellness. You can enjoy a wide range of authentic dishes here as they blend the fine tastes and flavours with a traditional Korean touch.

4. The Unique Shop

If you’re looking Ecommerce Blogshop clothing, you can find them in here! They sell a wide variety of Korean and Japan apparels as well as accessories imported from USA. Who would have thought that Queensway Shopping Centre would sell in-trend clothes too?

5. Tutu Kueh

image: littlebigsuitcase.com

The Tutu Kueh there are also quite known for their savoury flavour among the residents there. Also, it is the best delicacy to have after having a McDonald’s meal or having Laksa. Plus point is it is located next to McDonald’s. If you’re craving for some traditional Tutu Kueh, why not drop by here?

6. Clothing apparels

Aside from sports need and equipment, you can also get clothing apparels here. One of it is the infamous Montagut clothing brand which originated from Paris, France. Many men would buy the polo tees – which has both long and short sleeved here. You will be able to find a dozen shops selling this clothing line on the second floor. Psst, and a secret, it’s not cheap but it’s worth it. You’ll find out once you get your hands on the clothes itself.

7. Trophy making services

Fun fact: Did you know that back when you were primary and secondary schools, those trophies and medals you won during Sport’s Day or Sports Festival are made here? Shops here can engrave trophies at a reasonable price and also, you can turn it into your own souvenir, so why not?

8. T-Shirt printing shops

In addition to the trophy making services, you can also get your class t-shirts or jerseys printed her at an affordable price. They even print it on varsity jackets and hoodies! Create your own design and print it. Soon enough, you’ll get your very own customised design!

9. Low-cost printing and photocopying services

Students would always print their assignment here due to the cheap prices. There is also a photocopying service where you can photocopy notes from your friends and it is also quite cheap as it can go as low as 10 cents to 20 cents!

10. Eyewear

If you’re looking a cheap and wide variety choice for your eyewear, you can come to head down to this normal as they offer good eyewear at an EXTREMELY affordable price. Eyewear includes everyday glasses, reading glasses and even sunglasses. Their frames are also trendy and you can probably set a new trend!

We all can agree that Queensway Shopping Centre is an extremely nostalgic place due to their architecture and the age of the mall itself. But, it is always easy to get your sports apparels and needs here. So, the next time you come here, be sure to go to their hidden gems and CHECK THEM OUT!

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