10 Home Hacks That S’poreans Should Know for an Easier Life

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When we face issues at home, we always say “I’ll buy something to fix this later.” However, rather than spending money, do you know you can always use things that we already have at home to solve all the issues we have?

Hard to believe? Well, here are some secret home hacks that can save your time and wallet!

1. Stop night time coughing

Image: themarysue.com

You know what they say: When you’re experiencing symptoms of an illness, don’t go for the symptoms, go for the root. Or in this case, the foot.

Rub Vicks VapoRub generously on the bottom of your feet and cover them with socks. This will stop the coughing magically  in five minutes. Some people also rub it on their backs.

2. Relieve sore feet

Image: 50campfires.com

If you have sore, achy feet, fill a plastic bottle with water to about three quarters full. Freeze the bottle and roll it over the bottom of your feet to reduce inflammation.

3. Remove chewing gum on T-shirt

Image: instructables.com

Throw the T-shirt into the freezer for about an hour. It should be easy to remove the gum thereafter. Otherwise, you can also rub an ice cube on the gum until it finally comes off.

4. To whiten clothes

Image: flickriver.com

Soak the clothes in hot water and a slice of lemon for ten minutes. Other ingredients you can also try are baking soda and vinegar.

5. Remove ink from clothes

Image: wikihow.com

Cover the ink spot with toothpaste (yeah, you don’t just use it to clean your teeth!) and let it dry completely. Wash it afterwards.

6. Get rid of mice or rats

Image: portlandpestguard.com

Sprinkle black pepper in spots you find or mice or rats. They will run away from the smell, and hopefully away from your house, too!

7. Remove ants

Image: PestKill.org

Ants hate the smell of cucumber. Put the skin of cucumber at spots where there are ants or at an ant hole, and they’ll go away…hopefully to your neighbour’s house instead.

8. Prevent water from over-boiling

Image: wonderhowto.com

To prevent water from over-boiling, place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot. Now, this works while cooking Maggie Mee, too!

9. Shrink a pimple quickly

Image: noskinproblems.com

To shrink a pimple quickly, dab it with Listerine. The alcohol will dry ou the people, causing it to shrink. Some people dab with toothpaste as well.

10. Puffy eyes

Image: homeremediesorg.com

To reduce the puffiness of your eyes after a late night, dip cotton balls in cold milk and place them on your eyes after 15 minutes. Wash the milk off your eyes afterwards.

There’s another solution for this: sleep early.

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