10 Ingenious Cooking Hacks As Recommended By Chefs Themselves


Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 1:52 pm

You’ve been wanting to unleash your inner Racheal Ray or Guy Fieri. The thing is, though, it takes them literally minutes to complete a task, while you’re stuck on the first few steps of the recipe for ages.

These cooking hacks are just the things you need. In no time, you’ll be able to prep and cook like a pro!

1. Getting Bacon Done the Right Way

No more wasting your minutes over the stove and taking a quick break to return to burnt pieces. Here’s what you’ll need to do – BAKE IT!

2. Cut a Bunch of Cherry Tomatoes at One Go

This is a Racheal Ray tip – Use the covers of two plastic lids that are the same size to sandwich the tomatoes, and run a slice through them.

3. Create Your Own Orange Candle

This may not be a cooking tip, but it’s a neat trick you can show off on Instagram. Orange candles are going to be your new aesthetic, and it’s so easy.

4. Cute Pancake Patterns That’s Quick to Do

A couple of cookie cutters and an icing dispenser is all you’ll need for this hack. Cute pancakes to go with your orange candles, anyone?

5. Save Your Guacamole from Oxidising!

Image: today.com

We hate it when guacamole turns brown. Its flavour goes off the mark too. Keep your guacamole in a container and add a very thin layer of water on top. This keeps the oxygen out, and your guacamole stays delicious and green.

6. Soften Butter In an Eyeblink (Almost!)

You forgot to put the butter out and it’s rock hard. You need it ASAP. There’s two ways of getting it done – microwaved or with this neat trick.

7. Peel an Orange Like an Expert

No more struggling to get to the juicy pump minus the stringy bits. This is how you’re going to do it from now on.

8. How to Remove Shards of Egg Shells from Your Raw Egg

I never knew it was this simple. Thanks Jamie!

9. Use a Cake Pan To Remove Your Corn from the Cob

A Bundt cake pan is the best thing for the job. Place your corn smack in the centre and cut downwards with a sharp knife. All your corn will drop into the pan and nowhere else if you get it right.

10. Peel a Garlic with No Mess

Like really, no mess at all. Just ensure you peel the other white layer off before you try this hack out. You’re otherwise stuck for a good 5 minutes.

Happy cooking everyone, and may these hacks make your life easier.