10 Innocent Mistakes to Avoid While Shampooing That S’poreans Didn’t Know Of

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Ladies, so you think washing your hair is easy? Think again.

Many of us might have been washing our hair wrongly, resulting in dry, flat hair that tangles as much as the earpiece in our bags.

Sound familiar? We thought so too. So we decided to pick out 10 innocent mistakes that you might be making when you wash your hair, just so you won’t make them again!

You’re welcome ;D

1. You don’t take the time to brush your hair before showering

Many of us just drive right into the washing without combing our hair first. It is important to detangle first so that you don’t have to detangle hair after when it’s wet.

Try starting at the ends, then double back to the roots to finish the process. It’s much easier to wash your hair that way too!

2. You don’t drown your hair in water before shampooing

Sure, we don’t always have the luxury of time to bathe slowly. However, a quick dunk of your head under the water isn’t enough to get your hair sopping wet.

This can make your shampoo less effective, which defeats the point of washing your hair. When your shampoo can’t lather up, your hair is not cleaned well too. So rinse it up!

3. You love too-hot showers

Yes, we know how good it feels to have a hot, steamy shower after a long day. However, do you know what it does to your hair? Those who’ve dyed your hair, you’ll realise how easy your colour starts to fade.

Hot water opens the hair cuticle, allowing keratin proteins, natural moisturising factors, and colour molecules to escape. Especially when the hair cuticles are opened, hair tends to frizz. Turn down the heat and your hair will thank you!

4. Scrubbing your scalp way too hard

I used to think that the more I scrub my scalp, the cleaner it will be. I was so wrong. Wet hair is weak and more prone to breaking. If you scrub too hard, you might be putting unnecessary stress on your hair.

Instead, try stroking your scalp from forehead to nape, on the sides, and along the hairline rather than rubbing aggressively.

5. Shampooing your entire hair

Shampoo’s purpose is to cleanse, hence you only really need it on the areas that get dirty and grimy easily.

For example, if you have bangs or if your hair is slightly oily on the top of your head, just shampoo these areas. That way, you’ll have that great texture from it being slightly live-in with those spots feeling oil-free.

6. You apply conditioner everywhere

Conditioner only belongs to the lower parts of your hair. It is supposed to give hair slip and silkiness that reduces friction, for lesser breakage when you style your hair. The ends of your hair is most prone to breakage, so it’s best to apply it towards the end.

7. Using a shampoo with sulfates

It is advisable not to use sulfate shampoos, especially when your hair is coloured. Sulfate-free shampoos are much gentler and keep the cuticle tighter so color doesn’t fade as quickly.


However, sometimes a sulfate shampoo, which has a stronger detergent, is appropriate for someone who has virgin hair and greasy roots.

8. You use waaay too many products

Sometimes, too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing. After all, less is more, eh? Using too much product might cause more stress on your hair. You should only be using about a teaspoon amount of product, then emulsify that with water.

Lather only the roots of your hair with your fingertips (not your nails), avoiding the ends. To increase volume and circulation, shampoo with your head upside down.

9. You don’t take the time to rinse everything off

When you’re in a rush, it is inevitable that you might not have enough time to spare for your hair. It’s a common mistake for people to not rinse thoroughly. Not a good idea, mate.

Try to take a few more seconds to at least make sure all the products have been washed away. You’re washing your hair, it should be clean and covered with leftover products!

10. You rub your hair dry

Rubbing your hair dry subjects it to more frizziness than it needs. Instead, flip your head upside down and run a towel over it from both sides quickly. The towel’s flicking motion will help to remove excess water. Sure, it might take more time than usual, but it protects your hair, isn’t it worth the extra effort to do so?

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