10 Innocent Things You Do That Makes You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night

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Many of us actually suffer from insomnia and it doesn’t occur just because you are ageing.

There are certain bad habits that prevent us from getting the proper sleep we need, and you might not even know that these habits are the causes of your sleep loss. Do you have any of these habits?

1. Not peeing before going to bed

 Most people wake up in the wee hours because of Nocturia, which is also known as nighttime urination. This could be because you go to bed without peeing despite drinking a lot before bedtime.

2. Using your phone right before you sleep


Aren’t we all guilty of this? The blue light from your phone will mess with your sleep pattern, resulting in lesser sleep hormones being produced. You may think that using your phone helps you fall asleep, but you will only realise it keeps waking you up too.

3. Sleeping before your usual bedtime

Your body has adjusted to certain sleep hours. Thus if you go to bed much earlier than your usual bedtime, you tend to wake up much earlier than you usually do too.


4. Doing work in bed

Doing work in bed will make your body associate the bed as a workspace instead of a place to relax and sleep. As such it becomes difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep in bed. It is better for you to use your bed for nothing else but relaxation and sleep.

5. Not keeping your gadgets on silent/night mode

We all know that one person who still texts us even at 2am. The vibrations or ringtone of our phone can jolt us awake, just the way that alarm clocks work. Thus for a more restful night, it is better to mute the phone or iPad till the next morning.

6. Stress


Being stressed out and overthinking at night will keep your mind awake even as you are asleep. Your mind is still consciously thinking and making decisions, preventing you from getting the proper sleep you need.

7. Uncomfortable Temperatures

Sometimes the room gets too cold or too hot or the blankets aren’t exactly very comfortable. It will keep you awake at night and you will find yourself waking up often to adjust the temperatures or the position of your pillows.

8. Consuming too much caffeine

Caffeine is good for keeping us awake when we need the boost for the day. However consuming too much caffeine in the day can result in sleepless and restless nights even though it has been several hours since your last cup of coffee. Refrain from drinking coffee after lunch onwards.

9. Exercising just before bedtime

Exercising is good when you do it at the beginning of the day but exercising before you sleep will not get you a good night’s rest. When you exercise, your heart rate increases, and it becomes difficult for you to relax and sleep. If there is a need to exercise before bed, some small stretches are more than enough.

10. Taking many naps in the day

Napping several times in a day will mess with your sleep pattern. One or two power nap a day is more than enough, as long as they are no longer than 30 minutes each. Otherwise, you will find yourself waking up often in the middle of the night.

If you do have these habits, perhaps it is time to reconsider and change so that you can sleep better and perform better at work or in school!


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