10 Innocent Things People Do Daily That Causes Wrinkles

As the days go by, you start to realize you’re getting older. When you brush your hair, you see an annoying grey strand of hair sticking out.

If you eat like mad for a week, you put on weight very fast. And for it to go down takes twice or three times longer, compared to last time when just putting rice off your plate would work.

The no.1 tell-tale sign that you’re aging, though, is wrinkles. Yes, those pesky lines on your forehead and face, not to mention the crow’s feet that are coming up around your eyes are a major giveaway.

The thing is, though, are you causing yourself the damage that attributes to wrinkles?

You might be doing just that, unknowingly.

Here are 10 things you have to stop if you want those wrinkles to stay away from you!

Too Much of Sugar in Your System
Yes, that dessert you just dug into was da bomb. But did you know that an excess in your sugar intake can cause you to have AGEs (that’s advanced glycation end products) which in turn affects the elastin and collagen components in your body?

You’re leading yourself to WAY more wrinkles and saggy skin!

The Device Stare-Down
Are you constantly looking downwards to your phone and tablet? You’re exerting your neck, which would result in wrinkles and lines just there! There’s even a term for it la – tech neck!

Sleeping on your Tummy
Why this is bad? You’re squishing your face against your pillow, which causes your skin to crease up. Keep at the same position for hours, and you’ve gifted your face with wrinkles.

Bad Air Pollution
Yup, if you’re exposed to cigarette smoke, smog and yes, HAZE, you’re exposing your body to what’s called oxidative stress and of course, premature skin aging. Guess who’s gonna come knocking at your door? Oh hello, wrinkles!

Using Your Hands As a Face Pillow
If you continuously use your hands to rest your face, it will bring out wrinkles. Yikes. But seriously, why are you using your hand as a pillow?!

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Drop the Straw
Sipping a drink with a straw will involve you pursing your lips, and as it is a repetitive process, your skin’s getting damaged along the way. You’ll start to see wrinkles just around the lip area first.

Not Sleeping Enough
Yes, beauty sleep is important, simply because it’s the only time your skin has to truly repair and renew its cells. If you don’t sleep well at night, chances are you’ll wake up with a dull complexion, and over time, wrinkles too.

Using Contacts, Too!
Now, this might seem a bit odd to read, but hear us out. It’s not wearing them that causes you wrinkles. Rather, it’s the process of getting them in and out of your eyes. You raise your brows when you fit them in, and the repeated moves cause your forehead’s skin to wrinkle.

Not Wearing Sunglasses
If you have to squint while you’re out minus a pair of sunnies, you’re causing the muscles around your eyes and brows to contract. Over time, the collagen content there breaks down, causing wrinkles to set.

You Rub Your Eyes
Yes, another self-sabotaging move around a sensitive skin area. The more you rub your eyes, the worse it gets. End result? You got it – wrinkles!

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