10 Unproven But Innovative Uses of Listerine That Shows It’s More Than Just a Mouthwash


Last Updated on 2021-01-02 , 4:59 pm

Everyone knows Listerine as the minty mouthwash that helps clear your mouth from any odour while keeping it clean from bacteria.

But did you know through that with one bottle of mouthwash, you can use it for multiple alternative ways? Here are some surprising but useful ways to use Listerine!

Using it as a deodorant
Ran out of deodorant but need to prevent any odour from your underarms? Simply dab some mouthwash onto a cotton pad and gently tap it onto both of your armpits. If you have sensitive skin, you can pour some into a spray bottle and spritz some onto your underarms for a milder but cool sensation.

Eliminate odour from the trash
Can’t stand the foul smell coming from your trashcan? It has been said that soaking a cotton pad or paper towel in Listerine before throwing it into the bottom of your trash can helps prevent the smell from taking over your house.

Help get rid of acne/ pimples
Don’t try this if you have dry skin but some people swear by this remedy: Listerine apparently helps to clear acne or pimples when you dab a Listerine-soaked cotton pad onto your the spots. Pimples that look like they’re appearing the next day will be gone without a trace when you dab at them the night before. The logic behind the magic? The alcohol in the mouthwash.

Getting rid of pet smells
We all love our pets but what we can’t get rid of is the smell they leave on our carpets. Flustered by the smell? You can get rid of it by mixing one part of Listerine with one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it onto your carpet and you’ll find the smell is soon gone. An additional bonus: remove fleas from your pet by adding Listerine into their shampoo before bathing your pet.

Eliminate mould and mildew
A substitute for sanitizer due to the alcohol, Listerine can be used to wipe and clean mould and mildew from windows, mirrors and floors. Simply mix the mouthwash with water before cleaning and your mirror will have its shine back again. Plus, you get to have a house that smells minty! Double score for clean furnishings plus a room freshener!

Kill germs in your toothbrush
If you did not know yet, your toothbrush is one of the dirtiest items you may own and yet, we’re still putting it into our mouth every day! Used to brush away any germs that we have in our mouth, our toothbrush is full of bacteria. Dip your toothbrush in a cup of Listerine to kill any germs that may be on your toothbrush and you just scored yourself a cleaner yet just as effective as toothbrush sanitizers for a cheaper price.

Disinfect a wound
Similar to alcohol swabs, the alcohol in the mouthwash helps to disinfect and kill any germs that are around your wound. It may be a little painful but hey, it helps you to prevent infections! It’s a bonus because you can use this to gently apply on any new piercings to eliminate infections as well!

Soothe itches
Cure any nasty and itchy mosquito bites by pressing a Listerine-soaked cotton pad onto the bite. It helps to eliminate itchiness and you’ll feel shiok from the cooling sensation. Bee or wasp stinks can also be cured, or at least, less itchy after applying onto the bites.

Eliminate stinky feet
Eee. smelly feet after a long day of wearing covered shoes? Pamper yourself with a homemade spa by pouring some Listerine into a tub of water before soaking your feet in. The solution in the mouthwash helps to prevent any odours and you’ll soon have nice-smelling feet! If you don’t have time for a soak, simply grab a cotton ball and soak it in Listerine before applying it all over your feet.

Get rid of dandruff and lice
Depending on the length of your hair, use a cap or two of Listerine and rub it into your hair before wrapping it in a towel. Leave it in for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it. It helps to clear any dandruff or lice that you may have, plus you get a cooling sensation on your scalp after the wash. You’ll need to repeat this till the dandruff or lice are gone but you’ll find that this is actually a pretty affordable solution for the nasty and itchy flakes/ bugs!

Featured Image: emasali stock / Shutterstock.com