10 K-pop Stars That Are Worth The Fangirling / Fanboying Now

KPop saw a meteoric rise in popularity in the last few years, and it can honestly be attributed to global phenomenon like Descendants of the Sun and Goblin, as well as the international emergence of Korean boy band BTS.

Oh, and Ryan Higa probably deserves a special mention too, although he’s technically not a K-Pop star.

And what do you know? We have a couple of K-Pop fans in the office too (as well as a number of closet ones), and what better way to celebrate our love of K-Pop than to publish a list of the hottest K-Pop Stars in the industry right now?

Oh, we love Korean entertainment so much that we apparently did a scene based on Descendants of the Sun in our latest video:

So without further ado, let’s get the show up and running!

Note: All K-Pop stars on this list were deemed worthy based on four very vital criteria: career, visuals, voice and whether we like them or not. If your favourite idol isn’t on this list, do not be offended. It’s probably because we didn’t like him/her. #itsnotyouitshimorher

1. IU

Image: Allkpop

Affectionately known as the Nation’s little sister, she somewhat ditched that title when she adopted an arguably sexier persona in recent years.

And while I personally didn’t really admire the direction she took…

It might have actually been a genius move on her (or her agent’s) part, seeing how it led her to be offered relatively more ‘mature’ roles.

As such, the drama serial Moon LoversScarlet Heart Ryeo, in which she plays the role of time-travelling heroine Go Ha Jin, proved to be a viral hit, propelling her to even greater fame than she already acquired.

Image: Twitter

And let’s not even talk about her singing abilities. Because there’s no doubt whatsoever that she can sing.

If you’re in serious need of some IU action, you can catch her on currently-airing K Drama My Ahjusshi. Incidentally, my colleague goes gaga over her role every single time.

IU, IU, IU is the best. IU, IU, IU’s better than the rest! Hooyah!  – Colleague Tan

2. Kim Jae Joong (JYJ)

Image: Pinterest.com

Yeah, I know. He looks like a real-life anime character, doesn’t he? Geezus Prist.

Part of the boy band JYJ, he has proved a powerhouse on his own, with stellar song choices (that echo J-Rock vibes) and a knack for picking great drama serials (did I mention that he can act too?)

Image: Dramafever

His military career speaks volumes about his attitude too. Having enlisted in the army on 31 March 2015, he ended up as the top recruit in his batch during Basic Military Trainin, and was subsequently discharged on 30 December 2016.

Really, with such a plentiful skill-set at his disposal, it wouldn’t be stretching to say that the world’s quite literally his oyster.

3. Suzy (Miss A)

Image: Allkpop

Honestly, it will be near blasphemy not to pick Suzy. A powerhouse in nearly every sector of the industry, she has proven herself to be more than just a pretty girl, and has the attitude to match too.

What’s more, she starred in the hit drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ just last year opposite Lee Jong Suk, and her convincing portrayal of Nam Hong Ju, a woman who has the ability to dream of the future, earned her rave reviews with critics.

Image: Soompi

Multi-talented much? We think so too.


4. Rap Monster (BTS)

Rain might have alerted the world to Korea’ entertainment industry, but I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that BTS attracted the world’s attention to it.

Image: Wikipedia

Having appeared on the likes of The Ellen Show, the boy band even scored consecutive nominations in the Billboard Music Awards. Talk about a global achiever. And it seems that the only way’s up, as BTS is set to conquer more milestones with their latest album.

But while some might credit the success of the group to the visuals, singers of the group, my personal pick is the one who’s leading them all:

Rap Monster.

Image: Billboard

It isn’t easy steering a ship in the Korean oceans, much less the Pacific, but in my opinion Rap Monster did a really good job.


Although he probably has his genius IQ to thank for that. #justjesting

5. Jennie Kim (Blackpink)

Blackpink has created all kinds of waves since its emergence…

And it’s not showing signs of slowing down.

Image: Allkpop

While there’s no doubt that every single artist in the group contributed to their roaring success (they don’t actually have an appointed leader too), I’ll have to pick Jennie to be their rep for this list.

Image: Reddit

Not because she has become synonymous with the group, and not because she takes centre stage in almost every video.


But because she’s got spunk.

Image: Amino Apps

And as everyone knows, spunk gets you places.

6. Eunwoo (Astro)

If there was ever a natural human Ken, it would be Eunwoo. – Ken Doll

And seriously, who can disagree?

Image: Allkpop

He can definitely sing too. Like damn.

Truly, at only 19, you’d wonder just how far he can go.

Oh and stop screaming already, fangirls. You’re drowning mine out.


7. Kim Se-jeong (Gugudan)

Image: Officially KMusic

Arguably the female population’s answer to Eun Woo, Kim Se-jeong looks like she’s a walking Barbie doll. Heck, they even acted in a CV together!

And having starred in School 2017, she has shown that the small screen isn’t beneath her either.

Image: Soompi

8. Jackson Wang (Got7)

Image: Amino Apps

Jackson Wang… where do I start?

A member of boy group Got7, Jackson’s striking good looks are right up there with Big Bang’s T.O.P. and JYJ’s Jae Joong. But it’s not just his “handsome man face” that got him a spot on this list. And I’m not even talking about his dancing and singing skills (which are awesome by the way).

Rather, it’s his personality.

Armed with a hardworking attitude and a bubbly personality, Jackson has attracted a huge following in China, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Image: MIJ Miner8

When I say Jackson you say? Wang!

9. Irene (Red Velvet)

Image: Allkpop

Despite dominating the music scene last year (2017), Red Velvet doesn’t seem to be satisfied, with their latest hit “Bad Boy” and seventh No. 1 album, The Perfect Red Velvet. But it’s probably that very mindset that makes them such an enticing pick for the future.

But as much as I want to acknowledge all of them, I’ll have to single Irene out for this one.

Image: Allkpop

After all, there aren’t many K-Pop stars quite like her. #nobias

10. D.O. (EXO)

EXO is popular. Crazily popular. And fans would know that EXO achieved that cult status not through individual effort, but team effort.

Image: Soompi

But even so, I’m afraid I’ll have to give the last place on this list to its lead vocalist, Kyung Soo (stage name D.O.)

Image: Allkpop

Now, D.O. is a remarkable singer. And as expected of EXO, he’s a great dancer too. But what really separates, distinguishes him from the rest of the EXO ensemble is his acting.

He’s a total natural at it. And if you’ve watched Hello Monster, you will know what I’m talking about.

Special mention: R.O.P. (BgA)

Image: Nigahiga

Having created K-Pop parody boy group Boys Generally Asian (BgA), he has gone on to produce and star in two music videos, both of which peaked at no.1 on the iTunes K-pop chart.

Incidentally, his name’s modelled after Big Bang’s T.O.P., as are the names of every other member of BgA.

Image: Nigahiga

Tribute: Jong Hyun (Shinee)

Image: tribunnews.com

Before his demise in December 2017, Jong Hyun (who’s the leader of the boy band Shinee) has starred in multiple music videos, including the iconic Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer.

And that’s the end, folks; I honestly hope that you found the list informative (or at the very least interesting) because I did spend some time on it. But if you have any grievances in regards to missing K-Pop stars or something…

Please refer to the note again.

Note: All K-Pop stars on this list were deemed worthy based on four very vital criteria: career, visuals, voice and whether we like them or not. If your favourite idol isn’t on this list, do not be offended. It’s probably because we seriously didn’t like him/her. #itsnothimorheritsnotyouitsme

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