10 McDonald’s Hacks with S’pore McDonald’s Menu to Up the MCD Game

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Most of us only explore fast food options whenever we need something quick and filling. But sometimes, this can get really boring, because there are only that few options we can choose from. Therefore, so spice up your life a little, we have gathered 10 McDonald Hacks that every Singaporean should know of so that you can make your McDonald’s meal a little more interesting and a bang for your buck. Plus, all these can be applied to other countries too!

1. Get freshly-fried Fries

french fries

Something which I will never fail to do whenever I have my McDonald’s meal. I’ll usually ask for French Fries without Salt so that they will fry up a new batch. I mean, since their fries are already innately salty, it doesn’t really make much of a difference! Else, you can also get the salt and pepper sachets and add it in on your own.

2. Create your very own Big Mac

poor-mans-big-mac-01 Our tip? Purchase the McDouble without ketchup and mustard, then request for lettuce and Big Mac sauce. Apart from the extra bun in the middle and thinner patties, this is pretty value for money!

3. Create your very own Coke Float


Easy. Just purchase the S$1 small Coke, the S$0.80 Vanilla ice cream and add the together. You can even get an extra cone.

4. Hotcakes with Ice Cream


Go to any McDonald’s with the dessert kiosk (yes, they do operate in the mornings!) and purchase a hot cakes meal. You then add in your S$0.80 Vanilla soft serve and maple syrup to the hot cakes for the ultimate dessert-for-breakfast experience.

5. Get the best of both burgers


Love McChicken and Cheese Burger but don’t know which to choose from? Then why not get the best of both worlds by adding them together at only S$4.50? Just buy one McChicken, remove the buns and slot the meat patty into the Cheese Burger. Easy Peasy.

6. Create your very own Curry and Cheese Burger


For every purchase of an EVM, patrons will get 1 Curry Sauce for free. So why not make the best use of the curry sauce by adding Curry and Cheese sauce ($0.60) into your McSpicy burger? You can even add fries in it to stack them up!

7. Create your very own Cappuccino


Purchase a mocha from McCafe, then instead of syrup, request for Hot Fudge sauce instead. Yes, you might have to pay extra S$0.50 but it’s still cheaper, and totally worth it.

8. Oreo Milkshake


Purchase a Vanilla milkshake and request for Oreo bits from the dessert kiosk. And there you have it, your very own Oreo Milkshake from McDonald’s.

9. Receive your burgers warm


To make sure that your burgers are always warm, switch up your usual buns to steamed buns instead. The staff will steam them upon order, and you will never have to deal with cold burgers ever again.

10. Get your drink with no ice


The easiest way to get the most worth out of your drink at McDonald’s. Plus, since the machine dispenses cold drink on its own, you’ll be sure to receive drinks that are already cold. And if you are taking it away, you can even add in ice when you are home!

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