10 Mean Ways People Describe Ladies Who Use Way Too Much Makeup


Last Updated on 2020-03-04 , 6:15 pm

Pretty much every girl out there puts on makeup, to impress that first date, or simply to make themselves feel more confident.

But sometimes, some will go way past the point of moderation, and invite a collection of colourful… descriptions from not-so-nice people. Here are 10 to look out for, so you can get as far away from these people as you can.


Image: goldstartool.com

This one is obvious. 2 cm of makeup is way, way too much, and those who say this really wanted to let you know they think you have precisely that much on your face. How would they know, and why do they even care?


Image: al.com

You look like a clown with facepaint. People who say this either don’t understand clowns or don’t understand makeup. Either way they definitely don’t know enough to comment.

Cake face

Image: dgreetings.com

This one is saying you have so much foundation on your face is starting to look like a pancake. This is a variation of the 2-cm insult, and these people are merely a variation of the same kind of people. Mind your own business!


Image: blog.wolfmillionaire.com

You have put on so much makeup you don’t even look like a real person anymore. Well, joke’s on you, random asshole, seems like the fake one is you, for being so affected by someone else’s efforts.


Image: buzzfeed.com

People who say this thinks you tried too hard to make yourself look good. Is it such a sin to want to look your best? Maybe they should try harder at being a better person.

Melting Face

Image: youtube.com

Singapore is blessed with sun basically every day, and it can be quite troublesome for some ladies out there. And some other assholes will comment on how the heat is ruining your makeup. Show up at their window at night with your ruined makeup, and see if they’re going to comment anymore.


Image: health.com

These people have a little more creativity. They’ll start by asking if you want to know a quick way to lose weight, then tell you that you can just remove your makeup. They’ll then presumably chuckle at their own joke, and you can just take the opportunity to walk away. No one is going to laugh at their joke except themselves.

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Image: puchers.com

Now they’ll comment on how you put on your makeup. Did you do that with a paintbrush? They will probably look like they need a paintbrush themselves, but you don’t say that because you are better than them.


Ugly Lady

Image: mugeek.vidalondon.net

This is just a straight-up insult without any embellishments. They’ll tell you how all your efforts just made you look bad, and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Besides, only ugly people say that about other people.

Makeup Queen

Image: styl.fm

People who say this are either trying to be honest without being very mean, or they’re just so boring they can’t think of anything better. If it’s the first type, they’re just a bit misguided. At least they’re trying not to insult you. But if it’s the second type, then the appropriate response is probably to feel sad for them.

Nobody should insult anyone else for putting on makeup. Guys, (and girls too), please take note. If you insult somebody for putting on an effort to look good, you’re being an asshole, and shame on you.

Go ahead and rock your favourite look confidently! But really though, putting on makeup is a skill, and needs practise to pull off well.