10 Memories of Cleaning Duties in Primary School That Give You The Feels


Last Updated on 2023-03-19 , 4:57 pm

It might have been a long time for some of us but I’m sure there are still lingering memories about cleaning the classroom in primary school. Let’s see if we can all identify with these memories.

The duty roster is meant to be broken

Some people just keep ‘forgetting’ their duties and others always have ways to make others do it for them. Sometimes, you just switch it around with your friends.

And the duty roster always disappears

If it’s on the noticeboard, it always gets torn somehow. If it’s written on the board, some names will always be gone after some time. It’s like people trying their luck to see if they can siam their duties. Never seemed to work, though.

The monitor has it the worst

Since he will have to clean up all the mess if no one does anything. The monitor is also the one who gets scolded by the teacher for not doing his job if the class is messy.

So does the person who’s in charge of wiping the board

Every once in a while, the teacher will just call for the person to wipe the board instead of doing it himself. So, the person in charge of the board has to keep going to the front.

The one who empties the bin has it good

Because it’s a short break every time you get out of the classroom. Sometimes, you don’t even have to do anything because the school janitors will help to empty the bins.


But everyone loves sweeping the floor

I don’t why but everyone just goes for the broom. Another funny thing is that it takes two to sweep. One to hold the broom and another just holding the dustpan. Wonder how it works.

Some classes always have missing brooms

Then, they always go to the neighbouring class to borrow brooms…and end up chit chatting.

And other classes always have extra brooms

This is weird.

Sometimes you get lucky and can skip duty

When someone forgets to bring homework or misbehaves in class, so the teacher decided that he has to do duty for 1 entire week and someone naturally benefits from it!

Staying back during recess and after school is actually fun

Since you aren’t usually allowed to stay in the class. And when you do, you end up playing games with your friends. This is what we call bonding.

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