10 Millennial Dating Slangs That People Who Used to Say ‘Ai Stead Mai?’ Won’t Understand


Last Updated on 2020-02-05 , 6:58 pm

The dating world has evolved—for the better?

That is still debatable.

These days, with numerous dating apps, your soulmate can be a swipe away.

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But with such convenience, the dating pool is saturated with so many fishes.

Some might be the real deal but you will run into a shark or a playful dolphin if you’re not careful.

The game has totally changed and you might think your date has ended well but you can be entirely wrong.


Blind dates are obsolete and if you’re from the 90s aka the “Ai Stead Mai” era, you need to update your relationship dictionary, as there are so many players in the field these days.

Also, we tried getting older Singaporeans to understand these lingos and well…have a look yourself:

Here are 10 Millennial dating slangs that you should know.

1. DTF

DTF: Down to ****


When you come across this abbreviation on someone’s Tinder profile, swipe left and don’t look back (unless you’re looking for someone to scratch your itch)!

It is used by someone who is solely looking for a quick hookup.

2. Ghosting

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Ever had a good date, and for some weird reason, the other party is not replying you? I am sorry my friend, you’ve been ghosted.

Ghosting is a common phenomenon—the other party literally blocks you from all social media and doesn’t reply your texts. It is like they never even existed.

Spooky, eh?

3. Benching

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This is probably worse than ghosting. You don’t even know if the other party is benching you.

It is when they have multiple non-exclusive relationships, and the person on the bench gets rotated. You are on a figurative bench, waiting for your turn.

4. Cushioning

It is somewhat similar to benching. It is when you know your relationship is going to hit the fan soon, so you start texting other guys.

If you do break up, the fall won’t be that brutal, since you have a “cushion” to fall on.

5. Zombieing

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This only happens when they have ghosted you. Out of nowhere your ex has risen from the ground and start texting you back.


It is like they have come back alive from the dead, like a zombie.

6. Thirst trap

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Sometimes Tinder can be a raunchy place. Thirst trap is when you come across a profile pic that is a tad bit salacious, and all those thirsty people are more likely to swipe right.

Who knew dating could be like hunting.

7. Breadcrumbing

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Do you remember how the wicked witch lured Hansel and Gretel to her candy house? She used breadcrumbs, but in this context, breadcrumbs are flirtatious texts.

They will breadcrumb you but the moment you talk about commitment, they will disappear.

Sometimes, they will breadcrumb you just to lead you on when they have no intention of dating you or whatsoever.


8. DTR

DTR: Define the relationship

When you receive a text saying DTR, that means the person is more or less ready to be serious.

If you’re not, I guess it is time for you to ghost away

9. Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is typically during autumn and winter, yes I am aware Singapore is a tropical county but cuffing season does exist here.

It is from October to February (right before Valentine’s). This is the holiday/party period and this when all the single girls or boys will start looking for someone.


So if you’re looking to snag a date, your chances are better during this period.

10. Prawn

I am not talking about seafood—If a girl refers to a guy as a prawn, it means he has a hot body but a CMI face.

How would you eat prawns?

Throw the head and eat the body, so you get the idea.

Now you’re ready to hunt…I mean date!

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