10 misconceptions about hangovers that you should really know


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:54 pm

There’s many things out there that are full of myths and falsehoods. Hangovers have their own endless lists of so-called do’s and don’ts.

Today, we’re exploring what you really must understand about hangovers. More importantly, what’s true and what’s utter nonsense.

Here are our top 10 picks on hangover misconceptions we could find. Have you believed in any of them?

Dehydration’s the Numero Uno Cause of Hangovers
Yes, drinking sucks the life out of your hydration levels. That’s why you’re making beelines to the washroom in the first place. It, however, doesn’t cause a hangover.

Hangovers are more commonly caused by a dip in your blood sugar levels, overly dilated blood vessels and even an irritated stomach.

Binge Drinkers Tend to Get Hungover the Most
Hitting up as many drinks as you can in the shortest amount of time has got to be THE surefire way of getting yourself stuck with a hangover the next day. But is it really true?

Why the Ridout Road Colonial Houses Saga is Actually NOT a Saga:

Not really. Here’s why.

Hangovers that you get after drinks are also tied down to factors like your gender and your body. Women tend to get hungover faster – Three to five drinks on average compared when compared to a man.

Both Men and Ladies Are At Risk at the Same Level
There’s no equality, sadly when it comes to hangovers. A man’s body is able to tolerate alcohol at a different level than a woman’s.

This is because a man’s body contains a larger percentage of water. This aids them in alcohol dilution in their manly anatomies. They also carry a bigger amount of dehydrogenase, an enzyme that lends a hand in metabolizing alcohol.


Beer or Wine is less Likely to Cause Hangovers than Hard Liquor
This is so not true. You can get drunk on any kind of alcohol. The way you consume them (solely wine or mixing with other alcoholic drinks) doesn’t really make a difference either.

Eat After Drinking to Absorb the Alcohol
How I wish a basket of hot fries could reduce my chances of a hangover. But no, it doesn’t.

Get the Help of Tylenol to Reduce Your Hangover
You should never take medication if you’ve been drinking. Tylenol is a painkiller that’s processed right in your liver. That’s the same organ that’s already on overdrive to clear out the alcohol you’ve had.

It could react in a different manner if mixed with alcohol, and ultimately lead to liver damage.

A Cup of Coffee Can Help You Out
Coffee is a natural diuretic. It causes you to get even more dehydrated. Drink a lot of water instead, and your body will thank you for it later.

Take a Cold Shower to Shake the Hangover Off
Sadly, that’s a no. Apart from the initial kick start, you’d be like a dead car battery in a few hours. You’re better off resting in bed.

Take a Bit of Alcohol to Clear the Hangover
Drinking a bit more alcohol at the aftermath is only going to forestall the actual hangover. Take a sip of an isotonic drink like 100 plus to replace the electrolytes you’ve lost would have been a better bet.

Herbal Remedies over the Counter for Hangover Relief
Multivitamins work better than these, to be honest. That, and a day of rest.

The bottom line is to control your glass, and don’t let the glass overpower you. This way, you’d be able to avoid a nasty hangover and wake up the next day with a smile instead of aches and groans!

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