10 must-buy things when you’re in Thailand—any part of Thailand!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:52 pm

Thailand has so much to offer to its growing number of tourists all year round. From its beautiful culture to its mesmerizing landscapes, from its unique architecture to its yummy delicacies and not forgetting, the country is a shopping wonderland!

There’s actually so many things both unique and practical that you can get hold of for a better bargain in Thailand that you might not be able to get anywhere else. So if you happen to be going to Thailand in the near future for a holiday, be sure to take note of these 10 must-buy things while you’re there!

Thai Ornaments/Decor

Image: aliexpress.com
Image: aliexpress.com

Especially if you’re into unique and exotic home décor, Thailand offers a range of items to beautify your home with like their hand-crafted clay, wood and cloth lanterns, colourful paper umbrellas, fairy lights and fabric cushions to name a few!

The suits made in Thailand are exceptionally great in quality, apparently. The fabric used for the suit is of fantastic quality, are made to measure you perfectly and they also last for years. So if you happen to be in Thailand, you should probably have one made there for any upcoming special occasion.

Silver Jewellery
If you like silver accessories, Thailand offers a variety of them at reasonably cheap prices. They are both unique and fashionable with ethnic designs that’s sure to be an eye-catcher and enhance any outfit.


Thai Alcohol
Have you heard of Magic Alambic Rum and Sang Som? Well, if you love alcohol, you’ll want to get hold of these when you’re in Thailand because they’re deliciously good stuff and also since the Western brands there are more expensive, why not?

Thai Foodstuff
Coconut jam, Thai spices, dried fruit, Thai curry paste, rambutan jam are just some of the things you want to buy in bulks and take back home with you. Don’t forget to check your country’s custom regulations if the items are allowed to pass though or else it could be a waste.

Thai Furniture/Wood Carvings
Thai hand-carved furniture and antiques might just be what your new home needs. The unique and beautiful carvings are bound to give your home a Thai-feel. You probably wouldn’t want to be lugging this around but don’t worry! The shops for these items are often ready to assist with international shipping.

Spa Products
If you’re into home spa and beauty treatments, you definitely want to get hold of some Thailand’s own spa products. Besides its coconut oil, they also have a variety of essential oils to choose from and one particular favourite of most tourist is the Dork Phud (Look it up). Also not forgetting their unique scented candles!

Coconut Products
Coconut oil is especially popular these days because of its many health and beauty benefits and it can be found anywhere in Thailand! Some other coconut products that you never knew you needed also includes coconut bowls, coconut shampoo, coconut wind chimes, you name it.

Thai Silk
You may not need it but you’re definitely going to want it once you see it! The beautiful designs and vibrant colours of the Thai silks can be hard to resist. You can find Thai silk bed spreads, cushion covers, beach cover-ups, table runners etc that will brighten any day or room. Thai silks are a definite must-have!

Souvenirs No One Actually Needs

Image: bangkokbeyond.com
Image: bangkokbeyond.com

Ah, yes not forgetting souvenirs that have no practical use or whatsoever. But that’s the whole point of souvenirs, right? Especially the more intricate and weird looking ones like carved trinkets and other shiny things. You can’t expect to go on a holiday without buying one of those!

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