10 natural & proven ways to fix your brittle, dry hair without having to go for treatment

Last Updated on 2016-06-22 , 11:03 am

Don’t you just hate it when you look into the mirror and see grass on your head instead of hair? And don’t you just hate it when you see celebrities with shiny, healthy hair because they’ve got the money to do hair treatment, while the only “treatment” you have is your damn shampoo?

Well, fret not. Here’re ten ways to fix your dry hair—while they might not have the results of an expensive treatment, at least you’ll eventually see hair instead of grass on your head!

Apple cider vinegar
This is one of the more popular natural remedies. You can get apple cider vinegar from any supermarket, and all you need to do is to apply them on your hair and scalp for about ten minutes. Just remember to rinse them off, if not you’ll have sour hair.

Many people know this trick, so it’s just a matter of whether you can “tahan” the smell of egg on your hair. Simply shampoo with one egg and let it stay for five minutes. Tahan the smell and rinse off after that, and you’ll have shiny hair, and if you didn’t rinse properly, egg-ified hair as well.

Cover your wet hair
After your shower, just wrap your hair with a cotton towel and let the moisture sink into your hair naturally. The longer time to dry would make it shiny.

Make sure your room doesn’t have dry air
If you sleep in a room with dry hair, just get a humidifier and switch it on every night. Simple, isn’t it?

Avocado with egg
Okay, avocado might not be cheap, but it’s still cheaper than a hair treatment. Simply mash a ripe avocado and mix it with an egg, and apply it on your wet hair. Leave for twenty minutes and rinse a few times. Do it once a week and your hair will be filled with enough vitamins and minerals!

Yes, this might sound sugary, but it’s cheap and simple. Just massage butter onto your hair, cover it with a shower cap like you’re dyeing your hair for thirty minutes. After that, shampoo and you’ll have glossy hair…until it become dry again, of course.

Olive oil
Well, why not just grab something from the kitchen, because why not, right? Warm your olive oil (don’t be an idiot and cook or boil it!), rub it on your hair and cover it. This time, let it stay for 45 minutes and rinse it. There you go: homemade conditioner, made from your handy kitchen.

Keep your hair down as much as possible
Tying your hair in a bun would cause more damage. Let it air as much as possible—treat your hair as well as your face!

Use your tea as a shampoo
You’ll need to shampoo as usual first, and then use unsweetened tea (well, teh-o lah) and shampoo again. Not only would this give your hair a natural shine, it’ll make your colour stay as well if you’ve got coloured hair.

Coconut oil
This is another popular natural remedy that works wonders. Simply apply them on your hair and leave it on for a night. Rinse it off the next day, and ta-da: your hair will be so shiny that it’ll almost blind people!