10 ‘Oh-So-True’ Signs that Shows You’re a K-Drama Addict

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to find people talking about K-drama all day long. People simply love the characters in K-drama, the plot and the fashion. 

To find out whether you or your friend is a K-drama addict or not, check out these signs and see how many you got.

1. K-drama marathon

On your day off, you can sit in front of your computer or TV the entire day watching episode after episode. The cliffhanger at the end of every episode makes you crave for more and you just can’t bear to switch the TV or computer off.

2. Subtitle chaser

Because you cannot understand Korean, you are unable to watch live stream or videos that are uploaded immediately on the internet after airing in Korea because there are no subtitles. So you’re always on the hunt for the quickest websites that upload videos with subtitles.

3. Lack of sleep

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Even if you are very tired at night, you will still tell yourself “I’ll just watch for 5 minutes.” That 5 minutes can easily turn into 50 minutes so you watch late into the night and become a zombie the next day.

4. Merchandise

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Somehow, in every K-drama, there will always be something that the male lead gives to the female lead in the drama, which goes on to become a hit item and everyone rushes off to buy it. 

These items include the pig rabbit from You’re Beautiful, the sun necklace from Master’s Sun and the lipstick Ji Sung used in Kill Me Heal Me. You can recognise these items? You’re a K-drama addict.

5. Withdrawal syndrome

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After watching the last episode of every drama, you feel a sense of emptiness and loss, not knowing what to do next. You will start to miss the characters in the show, with their great looks and antics flashing through in your head.

6. Break time

You will try to download episodes on your phone and watch it during every break you have. Be it on bus rides or lunch break, you must watch it even if it is only for 5 minutes.

7. Korean-infused speech

Although you may not know how to speak Korean, your daily speech includes words such as “daebak”, “hyeok” and “nae”. These are words you probably pick up while watching K-dramas.

8. Hunting for new dramas

Before you even finish the drama, you are already on the look out for another drama to watch after the current one. You are always paying attention to dramas that will be released in the year and who is acting in them.

9. Encylopedia

Whatever drama that someone mentioned, you are able to list out the actors in the drama, the plot and what is so captivating about the drama. You can give answers faster than Google.

10. The News Lover

In between weeks, you search for trailers online, behind the scenes or any still cuts. You will google about the actors and pay attention to any news related to the drama.

If you find yourself relating to most of the points above, there is a high chance that you are a K-drama addict.

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