10 pains of being a student who has to earn his own allowance


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:47 pm

For most of us, studying is the only concern we have until we graduate from school. However, for some of the less fortunate people, they have to work to earn their pocket money, while at the same time balance their studies, and even CCAs. There are pains that nobody else can understand, and here are ten of them.

Always getting screwed by the employer
A young skinny teenager is not something you want to be when you’re working, because you’re helpless and you cannot really stand up for yourself. So you become the slave for every single person in the workplace. Every day, you are given the shittiest jobs that nobody wants to do.

Changing costs to work hours
You look at a Macdonald’s meal and you calculate it to be the cost of 1 hour and 20 mins of work. And you decide to just get an apple pie instead.

Not going out with friends
Because that means spending hard earned money.

Because bus means spending hard earned money.

No time to study
While others have the whole day to finish their homework, you only have about one hour at night, not to mention being extremely tired from work.

Chionging homework on the MRT
As long as you have any time that is unfilled, it is homework time.

Clashing with remedial classes
You cannot attend anything that is scheduled after the usual school hours because of work.

Feeling exhausted all the time
Sunday is your favorite day, and it is far from enough for you to recover from the week’s busy-ness.

Cannot ask for pocket money
Sometimes you really need more money but you feel bad to ask for it, because you’re working part time for a reason.

Buying second hand books
Textbooks are unreasonably expensive and you will never be able to afford it.