10 Paranormal Games That S’poreans Shouldn’t Play During 7th Month (E.g. Lift Games)

Last Updated on 2020-02-14 , 5:39 pm

After Annabelle Creation, everyone’s gotten curious about all things paranormal. You know one thing that’s super creepy and requires your participation? Paranormal games, you know like “lift games”.

Other games include Ouija board stuff and a whole list of paranormal games.

Did you know, though, that there are 10 paranormal games which are so scary, the people who’ve taken part in them have said that they’d rather not play the game again – EVER.

You’ve been warned. If you dare, read on.

Paranormal Games

1. The Elevator to Another Realm

Image: YouTube

There’s a Singapore Ghost Story that’s similar to this. Goody Feed even did a video on it but they removed it because they’re afraid people will really try it out.

A game from Korea, playing it will apparently bring you to an entirely different world. All you need is a lift in a building with a minimum of 10 floors. No one else must be in the elevator, but you.

You’ll need to hit a certain sequence of numbers. If you follow the instructions to a tee, you’d be able to explore the 10th floor, which helps you get into the other world.

2. Closet Game – You Dare to Try?

The game is made for you to summon a demon. All you need is a closed wardrobe that’s utterly dark inside.

Hold an unlit match to it, and say this – “Show me the light or leave me in darkness”.

If there are any sounds, light the match immediately. If you don’t do this in time, something will drag you from your back and pull you into ever-consuming darkness.

3. Solo Hide and Seek

Image: aminoapps.com

The game, known as Hitori Kakurenbo, originates from Japan. You’re basically playing hide-and-seek with a doll that’s possessed. You’ll need a doll, saltwater, a tub and a TV for this one.

Why the TV? It helps you with its static level – then you’ll know if there are unwanted visitors moving about.

4. Charlotte’s Web

Image: YouTube

This is not like the storybook ah – you’re actually calling the little girl from the 1400s whose mom was burnt at the stake for apparently being a witch.

5. The Hooded Man

Image: YouTube

Similar to the Elevator ritual concept, with a cleansing ritual before you start the game. You will need to make a phone call and get into a cab. The Hooded Man will be driving after you follow its steps.

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6. Bone-Dry

Image: theghostinmymachine.wordpress.com

Same like the one-man hide and seek, but you’re playing with a demon.

7. Midnight Game

Image: premiumtop10lists.com

This was at one point a Pagan ritual for people who didn’t follow their religion properly. In summary, you call the Midnight Man to your home and have to avoid getting caught by him until 3.33 a.m. You’re officially free then.

8. The Daruma-San Game

Image: whisperingdark.wordpress.com

Known as the Bath Game, it involves you calling upon a ghost that will follow you the entire day and try to get you.

For you to capture her, you’ll have to look over your right shoulder and make a karate chop while shouting “Kitta”.

If you don’t do this properly by midnight, expect to dream about her too.

9. Bloody Mary (No, not the Drink!)

Image: wikihow.com

This game is based on a legend about a witch’s vengeful spirit. You’ll need a mirror, a lighted candle and a chant. Some people have experienced her, others have not. I don’t dare try leh.

10. The Three Kings

Image: weekinweird.com

Also called nosleep, it allows its player to enter into another dimension. You’ll need an object from your childhood, among other things.

Timing is also important – 3.33 a.m. is the precise moment you should be sitting on your makeshift throne.

Some people have told stories of other beings, while others claim they feel like they’re in a lucid dream.

Do you dare try?