10 Pokémon GO secrets that You Must Know to Impress Your Friends

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The Kampong Spirit in Singapore is back, and it’s not due to some new policy by the Government, but by the common spirit to catch ‘em all.

To keep the spirit going, there needs to be a common topic. You’ve talked about everything with your new friends, from the first Pokémon you caught to the moment you nearly fell down while catching a Pikachu. Running out of things to say?

Well, tell them about these 10 secrets. If your level is lower than your new friends, at least your knowledge of the game is more extensive.

Pokémon GO is banned in China, so they’ve a clone
The clone is so successful, the release of Pokémon GO there, if it ever occurs, might be redundant.

The maximum level is level 40
RPG gamers will be familiar with the term “Level 99”—that’s when you can’t level up anymore. The maximum level for Pokémon GO is Level 40. There’s no official word from the developer, but people have looked into the codes of the game and seen the number. The total XP you have to accumulate is 20 million to reach that level. Holy Pokémon!

You can change the style of your Pokémon’s name
When you rename your Pokémon, all you need to do is to add the HTML codes for it to work. For example, <i>GoodyFeed</i> will become GoodyFeed. Pretty useless but pretty neat, isn’t it?

There’s a Master Ball
Once you’re at Level 20, you’ll have access to several Pokeballs like the Great Ball and Ultra Ball. The Master Ball, one that is rumoured not to exist, actually does exist: in the same codes, it’s revealed that it’s the most powerful ball. How powerful? Rumours have it that no Pokémon has ever broken out of it.

Walk when you’re using incense will lure more Pokémons to you
As mentioned in our previous article, incense will spawn Pokémon every 5 minutes if you’re standing still, and spawn Pokémon every 60 seconds when you travel at least 200 metres per minute. Don’t waste these precious incenses!

Mew is coded into the game and might be introduced during an event
A Reddit user, __isitin__, looked into the coding of the game and saw Mew and Mewtwo in it. As it’s not in the game yet, rumours have it that the legendary Pokémons will be introduced to players during an event. Could it be the eighteenth anniversary of the release of Pokémon Red and Blue in the US, which is on 28 September 2016?

Change to landscape mode
How cool would it be to play the game in landscape mode? No one would know that you’re Poké-hunting when you hold your phone sideway, eh? Well, you can do so easily. We’ve tried this trick in our office and it appears that only iPhone works. Simply ensure that your phone is on auto-rotate, hold your phone horizontally and tap on settings -> report a high-priority issue -> yes. Once your browser opens, go back to the game and ta-da! You’re in landscape mode.
There’s just one issue, though: when you tap on the nearby Pokémon, you won’t be able to see the Pokémons. But still a neat trick, isn’t it?

Getting Pikachu as your first Pokémon
Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly a secret to many, but seeing how people have been wanting to catch a Pikachu, it’s worth a mention. To get Pikachu, simply ignore the first three Pokémons that come your way. Walk a while and a Pikachu will spawn. That sneaky cutie!

Evolve Eevee to a Pokémon of your choice
Also mentioned in our previous article, you can actually choose what Pokémon your Eevee evolves to by changing its name. Change the name to “Sparky” and it’ll evolve to a Jolteon, change it to “Pyro” and it’ll evolve to a Flareon or change it to “Rainer” and it’ll evolve to a Vaporeon. Neat, huh?

There’re 19 Pokémon English theme songs, but only the first one got popular again when Pokémon GO went viral
Bet you didn’t know this, eh? All you can remember is the “I wanna be the very best…” song, right? That very first song saw an increase of 630% in listeners on Spotify in July 2016. And it’s so popular, this happened.

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