24-Hour Restaurants in Singapore: 10 Prata Shops Perfect For Night Owls

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24-hour restaurants in Singapore. Or to be more specific, 24-hour prata shops. This knowledge is important, but you’ll only realise its importance when you have a need for prata right now.

You wake up in the middle of the night, your mind filled with thoughts of crispy, fluffy prata.

Then, you start wondering if there’re any 24-hour restaurants near you. You feel around in the dark in an attempt to locate your vagrant phone. Retrieving it, you tap on the home button.

Image: Tenor

After recoiling for a couple of secs, you check your phone again. “2:30 a.m.” it reads.

“Great, I’m craving for prata at an ungodly timing,” you mutter. “Just great.”

Just then, a disembodied voice spoke.

Are you craving prata right now?

Scared out of your wits, you draw the blanket to your eyes and cower. “W-Who’s there?”

Just a friendly ghost passing by. So are you craving for prata right now?

You didn’t answer. Couldn’t.

I’ll just talk to myself then. 

“Y-Yeah…” you mumble.

GREAT. Guess what? You can still have prata at this unghostly timing.

“Rattata?” you rasp despite yourself.

Yeah, I know 10 24-hour restaurants in Singapore right now, all prata shops.


You slowly lower the blanket and use your phone as a torchlight. There, right smack in front of you lies a prata.

“And what… are these 10 places?” you mumble, distinctly conscious of the notion that you’re asking a prata for help.

I’m glad you asked. Let me just give you a brief run-through…

1. 24-Hour RK Eating House

First up on the list, we have the ever-iconic RK Eating House.

Image: Hungrygowhere.com

Being a 24 hour staple, this eating house serves up decent, affordable prata that’s more than worthy of your palate.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

As a famous chef once said:

I’m not a prata-nizer, but damn if I will slap that piece of fine dough. – Gordon Ramsay

Image: Yelp San Jose



And of course, the humongous Milo Tower (that’s available for order) is always welcome, whether it’s 12:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m.

Image: says.com

Alongside the indomitable Tissue Prata… Tower.

Image: TripAdvisor


Our recommendation? Next time you’re craving for some towers (or prata) in the middle of the night, just come here. It’ll be way cheaper, and if you do get intoxicated, at least it’ll be on sugar.

Address: 1 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557253 

Open 24 hours daily

2. Al-Azhar

Love a wide selection of pratas, as well as gooey, melty cheese? If you do, Al Azhar is your man (stall).

Boasting an extensive menu, this bustling prata place (especially in the wee hours) has something for everyone.


Sausage and cheese prata. Image: Foodspotting

Just look at that cheese…!

And its prices are reasonable too. You can get a Plain Prata at $1.10, and an Egg Prata at $1.80. Not a bad deal at all.

Plus, the key point’s that it operates 24 hours, so you can have your cravings fixed any time of the day. So be appeased, night owls.

Address: 11 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, 599736


Open 24 hours daily

3. Mr Prata

Image: JtheJon

If prata ever adopted a human personification, it would be Mr Prata. And I’m not just saying that because of its name.

Like a professional sous chef with a distinct foreign accent, Mr Prata dishes up fan favourites like the Italian prata (that tastes more like pizza than prata) and the French & Ice Cream Prata (in which the traditional prata is filled with banana slices and garnished with a wholesome scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce).

Image: Foodspotting


Also, Mr Prata’s basic prata fare (kosong and egg) taste awesomely good as well, so no worries if you’re the basic kind 😉

Address: 26 Evans Road, Singapore 259367

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily.

4. Thasevi Food – Famous Jalan Kayu Prata 24-Hour Restaurant

Image: Chowhound

Yeah, I know; hardly the most humble signboard for a reputable prata place, isn’t it? But then again, as a humble dude once said:


It’s arrogance when one boasts about itself without actually possessing the necessary skill set. It’s confidence, however, when one boasts about itself with actual skills backing it up. – Steven Lim

Thankfully for the Singaporean population, Thasevi belongs to the latter.

And what a place it is.

Image: misstamchiak.com

Dishing up fantastic fare through the wee hours of the night, the place attracts visitors from all four parts of the Lion City. And after sampling its crisp, saucer-sized Plain Prata, one can’t help but understand why.


Image: Chowhound

Crispy and fluffy in equal measures, it’s a tantalising sensation with every bite. And that’s just the Plain Prata, for Roti John’s sake.

Incidentally, check out their famous Paper Prata ($1.80).

Image: i.am.stella.chen

Boasting extreme crispiness, their Paper Prata is one paper-thin mouthful you will want to experience.


While you’re there, do note that there are about six million prata stalls there (I heard they’re changing the street from Jalan Kayu to Makan Prata). Make sure you find the correct one.

Address: 237 239 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799461/3 

Open 24 hours daily

5. Julaiha Muslim Restaurant

Image: sg.openrice.com

Apart from delightful prata fare (including cheese prata that could just give Rahmath a run for its money), the servers are also friendly peeps and make sure you’re well looked after.


Image: Foursquare

Also, the prata connoisseur’s situated in a relatively open space, so you can pretty much enjoy a free prata flipping show while waiting for your orders.

Address: 538 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368222

Opening hours: 24 hours daily

6. 24-Hour Prata Restaurant in Singapore: Al Jasra Restaurant

Image: Al JASRA Restaurant Facebook Page


Prata buffet anyone? 

No, I’m not jesting; for just $7.90, you get an honest to goodness prata buffet! And being a 24/7 outlet, that means you get to enjoy all the prata you want at any time of the day!

Additionally, according to its Facebook Page, the restaurant has got a whopping 16 varieties of prata for you to choose from!

Image: AL Jasra Restaurant Facebook Page

I don’t know about you, but that’s alot. And in case you’re smelling a fish (curry) with this deal, their prata looks downright appetising.

Image: Al JASRA Restaurant Facebook Page

Damn, anyone fancy some free flow prata at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow?

Address: 459 Changi Rd, Singapore 419882

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours daily

7. Niqqi’s – The Cheese Prata Shop

Image: lukeyishandsome.com

Like Rahmath, Niqqi prides itself on its cheese pratas. And what a good job it does with them.

While the usual suspects, Plain and Egg, are pretty good, a good bet is their Egg & Cheese Prata.

Image: eugephemisms.wordpress.com

Though I would highly recommend the Double Cheese Prata because go big or go home right?

Address: 18 Clementi Rd, Singapore 129747 

Opening hours: Open 24 hours daily

8. New Mahamoodiya Restaurant

Piping hot, crispy prata isn’t exactly note-worthy in the morning, when just about every Indian Muslim stall’s voraciously competing for customers.

But piping hot, crispy prata in the dead of the night? That’s an honest rarity.

And I’m glad to say that New Mahamoodiya Restaurant fulfils that heartfelt expectation to a perfect T.

Image: Burpple

With prata that’s cooked to order, you’re guaranteed a hot, crispy prata at any time, including those ungodly hours when crickets are echoing mating calls.

And if you’re an egg prata lover, they even add chopped onions to it without you having to ask for it. Talk about a bonus for your prata (unless you dislike onions of course).

Address: 335 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469510

9. Al-Ameen Eating Corner

Image: Dear Babette

Having been the saving grace of Woodlands for the past few years, this quaint prata house (located not more than a 10 mins walk from Woodlands MRT station) serves up fantastic prata through the wee hours of the night.

And apparently, their coin prata with mutton curry is pretty darn delectable. Featuring crispy pan-fried coin prata dough and curry sauce containing tender mutton cubes, it’s a safe bet if you’re experiencing some serious late-night indecisiveness.

Address: 35 Marsiling Ind Est Rd 3, #01-11, 739257

10. Thohirah Cafeela Restaurant

Located at Jalan Kayu (yeah, that famous prata hangout spot), 24-hour restaurant Thohirah Cafeela Restaurant is a great go-to when you’re attacked by midnight prata cravings.

Image: Yelp Singapore

Serving up tantalising prata fare with aplomb, this place has its own share of fans, and after sampling it for yourself…

Image: misstamchiak.com

It’s hard to wonder otherwise.

Address: 237 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799461

Phone: 6481 1537

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily.

So, have you decided on the place to go yet?

You stare at it, deep in thought.

“Yeah…” you say. “I think I got it.”

Cool, so which one- wait, why are you staring at me like that? Wait, what are you doing with those hands? Where are you touching? Stop or I will shout Polest… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

“Well that was okay I guess,” you lick your fingers. “Could use some curry, but it was still fine.” Yawning, you lie back on the bed and close your eyes.

“Craving satisfied.”

Note: No prata was harmed in the making of this article.

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