11 Secret Pratas That Most S’poreans Won’t Have Known to Exist

Have you, erm, heard of Roti Beckham? No? Try ordering it in any prata store and you might just see a confused look as well. But here’s the thing: Roti Beckham seems to exist, and it’s called Roti Beckham because it looks like one of the many David Beckham’s hairstyles.

No, I’m serious.

I can’t believe my eyes when I saw the different weird version of roti pratas in Viralcham’s Facebook Page (in Malaysia, roti prata is called roti canai). Some of them might not be in Singapore, but they could be in some parts of Malaysia.

Here’re the different versions.

Roti Hawaii

Just look at that and don’t tell me that doesn’t make you drool. A mutated version of roti john, this prata comprises chicken or beef with cheese, sausage and pineapple, with the ending touch of mayonnaise for that last sinful touch. For once, you can have prata for lunch or dinner, because it looks as filling as your regular cai png.

Roti Tampal

Okay, this is pretty simple: the amount of egg overshadows the prata, so you’re essentially having a prata egg instead of egg prata. The interesting aspect is that the egg yolk is half-cooked, so it flows out like a fried egg.

I’m sure it’s not something that can be made easily, but I’m sure it’s something that can be eaten easily. #justsaying

And in an egg-obsessed country like Singapore, why hasn’t anyone thought of this?

Roti Banjir

You can find this in Singapore – or more specifically, you can make this in Singapore. Simply request for more curry, and flood the entire prata (kosong one would be the best) with curry and its ingredients. Now, the main ingredient is the curry and your prata is merely a side dish.

I know some of you are already doing this.

Roti Tsunami

Like the name suggests, it’s a tsunami – simply tear your prata and place two half-boiled egg at the side. If your egg obsession is level 99, have a roti tampal with it. It’ll be the most eggciting prata you’ve for a long, long time.

And lest you’re worried that you’ll be having too much cholesterol, this article should help.

Roti Maggi 

Maggie Mee and prata – what can go wrong? Just in case you’re not aware, some prata shops in Singapore do sell this. The only question is this: how much exercise are you willing to do after consuming this monster?

Roti Scrambled

You know the wraps in McDonald’s and KFC? Yeah, just switch the wrap with a kosong prata, and a roti scrambled is born. The recommended stuffing are chicken breast, eggs, sausage and my all-time favourite: hash-brown (doesn’t that sound just like…McDonald’s?).

Roti Beckham



I bet David Beckham didn’t even know a dish is named after him. The prata comprises tuna, eggs, cheese, turkey and mayonnaise. I’m pretty sure it’s named after this hairstyle.

Image: menshairstylesweb.com

And by the way, if you order Roti Beckham when he had this hairstyle…

Image: Pinterest

You’ll get a prata kosong. #maybetruestory

Roti Jepun

Okay, I’ve had this before in Singapore, and all I can say is that if you’re a prata fan, this isn’t for you. It’s basically a prata with egg, butter, cheese and milk, and due to the high dairy content, it tastes like pure cheese and nothing else.


I”ll rather take Roti Beckham when he’s botak.

Roti Sweet Forever

In my opinion, ice cream doesn’t go well with prata, so this isn’t my cup of prata. It’s almost similar to ice-cream prata with a fancy name and mint leaves atop for that Instagram-worthy moment.

Once again, I’ll rather eat Roti Beckham when he’s botak.

Roti Fujima


Ah, it’s yet another prata that’s for Instagram and not for the stomach. Basically, instead of one prata with two scoops of ice-cream, this is two pratas with two scoops of ice-cream, finished with a touch of food plating. Yeah.

Roti Jantan

I laughed out loud when I know what this prata is all about: basically, it’s an egg prata with one more egg. That’s why it’s called roti jantan. Get it?

*All images from Facebook (Viralcham.com) unless otherwise stated

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