10 real reasons why you should really tip all service staff


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:55 pm

Those working in the service industry, such as waiters, taxi drivers, retail assistants, delivery guy, bellman, flight attendants etc.. We don’t have a tipping system – it isn’t necessary. Yet we should all give tips to those who serve us. Here’s why.

They don’t really earn much
Working as a server doesn’t really pay much, maybe in Singapore, a waiter can earn about $6 per hour. However, overseas where countries follow the minimum wage, the servers are paid less than $5 per hour. They depend on the tips to tide them over each month.

The delivery guy has to brave the storm
Remember when you ordered McDonald’s and the order came late because it was raining heavily? Well the delivery guy has it worse. He has to brave the rain and cold just to deliver your Happy Meal. Tipping means showing a little bit of humanity.

They should be rewarded for good service
Yeah duh! It’s hard to get good service in Singapore these days, you’ll be glad to be served by someone who is patient and helpful. I mean, what if you don’t get your bonus at the end of the year?

You might get freebies
Tipping flight attendants might just get you a free drink or two. Be nice to them, and they’ll be nice to you. It’s kinda like karma. You be shitty, they be shitty too.

Some of them don’t get salaries
Some people only earn salaries through commissions and tipping. It’s especially so for jobs that require employees to pay a fee in order to stay in the job.

You’ll get better service next time
If you tip them and tip them well, they’ll remember you and serve you better the next time you come. Once again, it’s karma. Tit for tat.

They clean up your shit
And your kid’s mess if you take kids along. They have to wipe the tables, wash dishes.. And retail assistants have to put back the mess you create.

They put up with your indecisiveness
If you take a long time to decide what to order or whether you want to go by that route or if you want the smaller or bigger size, they put up with it. It’s part of the job but you should tip them for withstanding you. Even your mother can’t.

If you can eat out, you can afford to tip
Yes, seriously. Of course, why tip, right? But if you can eat somewhere posh, it wouldn’t kill you to give some tips.


They put up with your shit
Like those fussy, demanding customers. They are there to earn a living, not be trampled on by arrogant people or please you.