10 Real Signs That Shows the Guy You’re Dating is Husband Material


We all got to accept that dating and marriage are two different things. They can never be the same. If you want a blissful marriage with your man, make sure he at least fulfil a few of the “husband material” qualities listed below. 

Here are 10 signs that the man you are dating can be a wonderful husband.

1. Family oriented

You have to make sure that he cares a lot about his parents and siblings and take good care of them. If he doesn’t care about them, what makes you think that he will care about you later in your marriage life?

2. Respect

Yes, it’s true that respect is earned, not given. But for a relationship to work, basic respect must be there. An easy way to tell is if he forces his own opinion on you, or if he respects your decisions. Respect is always the most important quality in every relationship.

3. Manages money well

Finance is one very important part of marriage life. You wouldn’t want to marry a big spender who squanders away every single cent and you end up being able unable to pay for utilities. 

So don’t complain if he’s a miser and don’t treat you to high-class restaurants. He’s just saving for the future. After all, you know the saying: his money is your money; your money is your money.

4. Embraces your flaws

You know that you can marry this man when he knows all your flaws but still loves you unconditionally. You wouldn’t want to spend your entire marriage life portraying yourself to be perfect in front of your man. 


5. He knows you are great

It is always disgusting to see men putting their girlfriends down just so that they seem better or more capable. The more they put their girlfriends down, the worse they look. 

If your boyfriend is always appreciative of your good qualities and never hesitates to let you know, he’s a keeper. 

6. Same values

It is essential that both of you share the same values. With the same values, it prevents unnecessary conflicts and it pushes both of you to achieve your goals.

After all, marriage is already hard enough without fighting over something every single day.


7. He has bad habits

While it is okay to be drinking with friends once in a while, it is not okay if he is out every single night into the wee hours drinking and gambling. 

And no matter whether he says he’ll change or not, decide yourself by monitoring his behaviour. If he doesn’t, chances are he won’t.

8. Honesty

Honesty is essential in every relationship. A relationship or marriage built on lies will not last. Only honesty will.

9. Trust

Your marriage life will probably be painful if he doesn’t trust you and doubt your every action. Make sure your man trusts what you are doing and does not keep questioning you as though you are a criminal.

And make sure you yourself trust your man or the fallout from your marriage could be more devastating than World War III.

10. Love

Love is the thing that starts every relationship. If he is someone you want to marry, make sure he loves you as much as you love him.

If your man matches most of these points, it’s time to propose to him!

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