10 realest reasons why you’ve lost contact with your primary school friends


Last Updated on 2017-05-21 , 2:03 pm

How long has it been since you last made any contact with your primary school friends? 10 years? 15 years? Maybe more? We all look back on our primary school days with heaps of nostalgia and a whole lot of memories, good and bad and sometimes wonder why we aren’t still friends with our primary school /classmates anymore.

Didn’t we have such a good time back then? What happened? Well, these reasons are what really happened and they are the truest truths.

You guys have moved on, grown up.
All of you have matured, and your goals are no longer the same. Even if you contact any of them now, you may find yourselves stuck with things to say. It isn’t always exciting to repeat memories too many times and have them as the only things that you guys have in common.

Life happened.
Back then, you enjoyed yourselves together as kids of that age. After school, you went home to your parents, created some kind of topics for talking about and went to school the next day and told each other all about it. You were all young, irresponsible and just living each day as it was. Now, all of you probably have your own families, your own responsibilities, and no one has the time to keep in touch if there isn’t any need to anymore.

Your university friends probably have more in common with you than your primary school friends.
Does this require further explanation?

As much as we may have memories of the times back then, it may not be something all of us want to remember.
Not all of us had good memories of those days. Some of us might just want to forget them and move on.


Too young to really understand what happened.
You had fun back then but you might not truly remember what went down exactly. It’s awkward talking to each other when everyone seems to have forgotten certain situations that might have meant a ton to you.

Why do you even want to rake up the past?
Why? Most of your primary school friends probably don’t want to do that anyway.

You guys never really liked each other.
You only played together because you had to. Now that you have the choice to not contact each other anymore, you guys do just that.

Nobody wants to let anyone else know what they are doing with their lives now.
We are only human. If we aren’t doing so well in life, or even if we are, we might not want to let people from our past into our lives to know so much when they should just remain in the past.

You guys weren’t as close as you thought you were.
You might have called each other BFFs in primary school but now that you think about it, it seems like you guys never had much in similar except the cute boys from that neighbouring secondary school.

You have become totally different people from that time.
Your personalities have changed, even your characters may have changed. Contacting each other again is just going to be too weird.

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