10 Reasons to Watch Goblin, The Next K-Sensation After DotS


Last Updated on 2017-01-09 , 4:12 pm

Still hung up over Captain Yoo Si Jin? It’s time to move on and check out the next big thing before 2016 ends. Here’s why you should totally invest a couple of hours per week watching Goblin, the next K-sensation after Descendants of the Sun!

Because soldiers are so yesterday. Magic is the new now!

The Plot

Image: Dramabeans

Just as the title states, it’s about a goblin but has there ever been a drama about a goblin before? Not any that I can remember. What about a goblin living with a grim reaper? And his goal to find his destined bride who can see the dead? A bride who is the only person who can end his immortal life? Piqued your interest already? No? Then read on, you heartless fellow.

The Writer

Image: HanCinema

Kim Eun Sook not only created the buzz of the year, Descendants of the Sun, making us fangirls drooling over Captain Yoo, she was behind many other popular and famous Korean dramas. A few examples include Lover in Paris, Secret Garden and The Heirs. If you are a fan of her past works, Goblin definitely won’t disappoint you!

The Cast

Image: DramaFever

First up, Gong Yoo is playing the part of the titular goblin. Come on, remember that tall and suave guy in Coffee Prince and Train to Busan? That’s right! He’s perfect as the sexy goblin.

Then, there is Lee Dong Wook who plays the grim reaper. Both of them display the perfect chemistry for an ongoing bromance that doesn’t lose out to Song Joongki and Jin Gu.

On to the female leads, there is the young bubbly Kim Go Eun who was in another breakout drama earlier in the year, Cheese in the Trap. While being less experienced in her resume, she fits the character of the goblin’s bride to a T.

Rounding up, Yoo Inna plays a pretty chicken shop owner who has a unique personality that provides us with all the laughs we need. Best cast ever? Maybe.

The Music

OSTs are always the cherry on a cake. Here, listen for yourself, because a song speaks a thousand million words.

The Cinematography

Image: TheBitBag.com

I have to admit that watching the opening episode on the small screen felt like watching a movie in the theatres. The fighting scenes in a wide screen make you absorbed in the backstory of our lonely goblin and feel for him even more.

Even when the drama moves on to the modern world, the visuals are ever so pretty and I’m sure no one can get enough of the prettiness. 

The Special Effects

Yeah, I know, it’s 2016, when special effects can be done easily with After Effects. But this drama isn’t just about goblin flying around like Superman–the scene of goblin killing everyone in a ship by capsizing it isn’t just amazing, but epic. In fact, you might wonder whether they’ve outsourced their special effects to Hollywood.

And what’s the best thing about having good special effects? It makes the entire drama much more realistic, even on our TV.


The Hype

Our colleague Cassandra fangirling!

Let’s be honest about it. You have probably already heard your friends discussing the drama or seen articles on it, like this. You can jump on the bandwagon and join the heated discussions too.

No harm trying just one episode and see how it goes for you! After all, if everyone is watching it, it should be good, right?

The Record-Breaking

Goblin premiered with ratings of more than 6% in Korea and that number shot up to 12% the following week. It’s no easy feat for a cable broadcaster to achieve those numbers! It’s a sign showing public reception and it’s really impressive so far.

The Popularity

Image: Allkorean Drama

Goblin is already a buzz with just four episodes being broadcasted. It is being hotly searched in search engines and there are multiple articles on it and its cast. If it’s so popular, there must be a solid reason behind it.


And oh, although Goody Feed is being appointed to promote the show, only about three of us needed to watch it. But it was sooooooooo good that everyone in the office, including their SOs, are now chasing watching it. And everyone wants to be part of this project (P.S. and I was initially not involved, but because it’s Goblin, so…).

Goody Goblin, indeed.

There’s just no reason you should not!

Think about it. After reading through, there’s really nothing stopping you, right? Don’t wait anymore! Simply play the drama and enjoy the next fantastic drama of the year now!

Singapore viewers can watch the show on Oh!K, which is on StarHub TV Channel 816 and Singtel Channels 525 (Mandarin) & 611 (Malay), every Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. But starting from this weekend (17 December), the drama will be aired earlier at 11:15 a.m., because we all #buaytahanmustwatchfast

It is still available at 7:00 p.m. lest you’ve the habit of sleeping in late during the weekends.


And oh, while waiting for the next episode (yes, I know that dreadful fewling), why not fangirl or fanboy with goblin or the grim reaper at this website? You know, like our dear Cassandra who die-die wanted to take this picture in the office rooftop car park instead of just in our office.

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