Who is More Handsome? Winner Gets to Sleep with Him. Literally.

Last Updated on 2016-12-07 , 3:15 pm

You think this is a joke? Well, you’ve got to be kidding, because we’re serious: if you can guess who is more handsome, you get to sleep with him. Literally.

Before anything, let’s just look at the two Korean superstars first, shall we? Because you can only choose one, so you’re either #TeamGongYoo or #TeamLeeDongWook.

I’m pretty sure you should be relatively familiar with Gong Yoo, either from Train to Busan or Running Man. This 37-year-old Korean actor, who looks 17 when his hair is down and 57 when his hair is up, appeared as a guest in Running Man in 2013, when the members and guests are “trialled” for their various “crimes” they’ve committed in the show. Guess what Gong Yoo’s crime is? It’s his attractiveness that set woman’s hearts ablaze.


But most of us would remember him as the selfish father in Train to Busan: his acting, together with his slick moves in the movie, has made him a household name here in Singapore. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that after watching the movie, I Googled more information about him. And when I saw the poster for Goblin, my first instinct to my colleague was this: “This is the guy from Train to Busan, right?”

And this is coming from a guy who thought that all Korean guys look alike!

Now, next: Lee Dong-Wook. The 35-year-old, who, well, looks 15 regardless of what hairstyle he has, is a seasoned actor who made his debut 17 years ago, at the tender age of 18. The multiple-award winner also showed his hosting talent by being the host of a variety show, Strong Heart, for a year.


If you find that he looks familiar, and yet the only Korean shows you’ve watched are Descendants of the Sun and Running Man, here’s why: He’s a “regular” in Running Man, having appeared in six episodes, with the latest one about the members and guests working undercover as cashiers in a convenience store (one of the funniest episodes IMO!)

This baby-faced actor is also known for being a lovable babysitter in recent episodes of The Return of Superman, whereby guests like him is tasked with taking care of a celebrity’s kid. In fact, he’s so well-liked that one of the children, who was asked to choose between Lee Dong-Wook and his biological father, ran towards a surprised Lee Dong-Wook!

A guy whom kids love—what’s even more attractive than that?

 So, after drooling looking at the looks and achievements of these two Korean superstars, given a choice, which one would you sleep with? The manly Gong Yoo whom we know as the selfish father during a zombie apocalypse, or the flower boy Lee Dong-Wook who could well be the best father ever?

Here’s the ticket: every week, you’ll have a chance to bring home a life-size pillow of Gong Yoo or Lee Dong-Wook, so that you can sleep with him every night.


What, you’re disappointed? What were you thinking, you dirty-minded fellow?

As part of a promotion for a new K-drama called Goblin, which stars both Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-Wook, Oh!K, the channel that brings you the series in Singapore, has decided to make fans fight among each other  conduct a giveaway of the life-size pillows.

Here’re the details:

– Step 1: Tune in to Goblin on Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm
– Step 2: Note down the 2 contest codes that appear on the TV screen during the show.
 – Step 3: Submit the codes in this website
– Step 4: Tell us if you are #TeamGongYoo or #TeamLeeDongWook and why!

And oh, the drama Goblin isn’t just about #TeamGongYoo or #TeamLeeDongWook—in fact, for someone like me who thinks that Lee Kwang-soo is much more handsome than these two superstars, the main reason why it’s a must-watch is simple: the show is written by the writer of Descendants of the Sun …and also directed by the director of Descendants of the Sun.

It’s not another doctor-vs-soldier romance, but a fantasy-romance. Gong Yoo plays an immortal goblin who, well, wants to end his immortality by marrying a human while Lee Dong-Wook plays an amnesiac grim reaper who is responsible for taking away souls.

In between the two superstars are Kim-Go-Eun who plays the love interest of Gong Yoo, and the ever-young Yoo In-Na who has a mysterious relationship with Lee Dong-Wook.

I don’t know about you, but if this is going to be the next Descendants of the Sun, I guess the premise will leave zillions billions millions of fangirls and fanboys with unforgettable scenes, just like the one in Descendants of the Sun whereby Big Boss hit and caught Dr Kang’s phone. Thousands of Singaporeans have re-enacted the scene and, immediately after that, bought a new phone.

The drama will be shown in Oh!K every Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 p.m., premiering on 3 December 2016. The drama is also available within 24 hours of Korea, so you won’t read many spoilers online.


Oh!K is available on StarHub TV Channel 816 and Singtel Channels 525 (Mandarin) & 611 (Malay).

Just a warning for all boyfriends and husbands out there: it’s going to be yet another Korean sensation. Be prepared to act as a goblin (what the…) or a grim reaper (okay, what the heck indeed) at home, just like how we all have put on our Number 4 and coolly say, “Then save him!” with an imaginary pistol when Descendants of the Sun was hot.

Wait, was it just me?

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com and is written in collaboration with Oh!K TV Channel.