10 reasons why the most badass boyfriend could be your soulmate for life


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 11:36 am

Girls, if you have watched 我的少女時代, you know how irresistible Xu Tai Yu is. He’s SUCH A BADASS. This Goody Feed writer aspires to be the partner of a badass boyfriend, and here’s why.

They can stand up for themselves
Badass boyfriends are badass because they can think for themselves. They are not easily affected by anyone, and won’t let anyone affect them. It is this hard-headedness that you love, and you know that when they put their heart and head to something, no one can thwart them from their goal.

They stand up for you
Being the girlfriend of a badass boyfriend means that you are under his protection. Not only does he genuinely care for you, your badass boyfriend will help you fight for your dreams. If that doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, what will?

They take no shit from anyone
This no-nonsense attitude and his hard-headedness makes him much more macho and manly in your eyes. He doesn’t owe anyone a living, and even his parents can’t persuade him to do something he doesn’t want. That’s ideal in a soulmate.

Including you
Sometimes, he doesn’t take shit from you too. You risk your relationship when you’re not up to his standard, when you’re not serious about your relationship. Watch out, if you’re not a committed girlfriend, he might just dump you.

They are rebellious
He’s a freaking rebel. He challenges the authorities, his parents, the people around him when they don’t see eye to eye with him. True, he may be a little hot-headed, but it is his guts that you love and you admire him for being confident and staunch in his decision and actions.

People are afraid of him
It depends on your thinking, but hey, if you’re into this, it’s cool. People might be afraid of you, the girlfriend because you and he come in a package.

People listen to him
And when you want to be heard, you can be sure that he’s going make them listen to you as well.

They are dominating
For girls who love to play the role of the damsel in distress and prefer to be the conventional, demure, innocent lady to the manly, macho husband, the badass boyfriend will definitely be up to expectation.

They have a soft spot
You know that deep down inside, they actually have a soft spot, and the best part is they have a soft spot for you. You can be his exception, when he treats everyone with an air of arrogance and meanness, but to you, he’s as soft as a teddy bear.

They are daring
They are daring, adventurous and confident in their pursuits in life. He’ll make every moment of the relationship exciting for you.

Top Image: Rachata Teyparsit / Shutterstock.com