Places To Go With Your Girlfriend: 10 Romantic Places in S’pore Under $30

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Always have trouble thinking of places to go with your girlfriend?

Find that Singapore is boring and expensive, and sometimes, even if you want to bring your girlfriend out for a good time, you’ve always hesitated because there are just so few places that don’t cost an arm and a leg?

Fret no more. The problem isn’t Singapore; it’s not you’ve not dug enough for good and hidden places in Singapore that are not just romantic, and cheap as well.

And you’re welcome in advance, you woody boyfriends who are always trying to be romantic.

Here are 10 romantic places under $30 to bring your girlfriend to.

1. Have a picnic at the Botanic Gardens

Image: Tripadvisor

If you have never been to this UNESCO site, what are you waiting for? For those who have already made a visit to the park, it’s not a shame to go back again. Pack a picnic mat, some chips and chilled drinks, and you’re good to go!

To impress your girlfriend, you can always prepare some sandwiches for her. May not taste good, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right! Go for a stroll before settling on a place to sit. You can even go on a double or triple date with your best friends, but remember to ask your girlfriend for permission first!

Cost: FREE! Unless you include the cost of the food #justsaying

2. Catch a movie/film at The Projector


You and S.O film buffs? Then head over to The Projector for a unique experience! The cinema showcase different genres of films and movies – indies, classics, horror, action flicks, you name it!

The movies and films are shown in two different rooms: The Green Room and The Redrum. The Redrum (pronounced as Red Room) isn’t some hanky-panky room like in Fifty Shades of Grey. Instead, it’s the best experience ever for any moviegoer! There are 180 seats, 30 of which are actually bean bags so you and your girlfriend can sprawl and relax as much as you want!

Cost: $13 for a  Standard Ticket (oh, you can buy beer in ;))

3. Have a blast at a Trampoline Park!


Girlfriend complaining about how she’s been gaining weight? The trampoline park is the place to go with your girlfriend!

A 10 minutes’ worth of jumping and trampolining is equivalent to 30 minutes’ worth of run.

AMPED Trampoline Park has two outlets, one in River Valley and the other in Jurong.

However, you will need to book in advance to ensure that you have a slot available. Otherwise, you’ll risk having to wait for the next available slot – don’t make your girlfriend angry on that special day!

Cost: $18 per hour on Sundays


4. Rock Climb at Kallang Wave Mall


For the active-but-not-so-sporty couple, give this a try. Rock climbing may be known as an extreme sport, but honestly, it’s the safer version as compared to skydiving.

If you and your date are afraid of feeling sweaty and icky, this rock climbing gym is inside a mall, which means you won’t be sweating as much due to the air-conditioned setting!

Put on a tank top and flex your muscles as you climb the walls; your date will be impressed. The best thing is, you pay once for a whole day’s worth of play.

Cost: $18 for youths (13-17) $22 for adults (18 and above) (You’ll have to pay an extra $10 for registration if it’s your first time there!)

5. Kayak/Pedal Boat at the Kallang Basin


For couples out there who aren’t afraid to get hot and wet, this is the place to bring your girlfriend to.

Pedal boating requires a minimum of two people, which is just nice for a date! Spend the time having a light-hearted conversation as you pedal together, reminiscing the memories or creating new ones.


For those more serious couples, you can make use of this quiet time to plan your future. The best way to win a lady’s heart (all over again) is to show that you listen and you care about her.

Cost: $12 per person for 2 hours ($8 if you’re under 18 or have a valid student pass)

6. Take her to a romantic (not hipster!) cafe


There have been many new cafes appearing since the start of 2015; mostly in Arab Street and Holland Village. Head over to D’Good Cafe in Holland Village – the food is affordable and the atmosphere cosy. There are two swings on the second floor where you and your girlfriend can sit by sit, enjoy some coffee, look out of the window and spend quality time.

For those with transport, you can head over to Prive @Keppel sometime around 6pm. As you drive along the road to Keppel Bay, look out for the magnificent sunset views. Prive has a very dim and quiet atmosphere – essential for a romantic ambience. Try the Hazelnut Praline while you’re there!

Cost: The ala carte dishes costs about $20 on average.


7. Be tourists for the day and her personal photographer

Has your girlfriend been bugging you to take pictures of her like those #Followmeto posts? Give it to her on this very special day! If you decide to stop by the Railways at Bukit Timah, don’t forget to stop by the Singapore Quarry which is about a 10 mins walk away.

Also, instead of going to hipster spots like Haw Par Villa, head over to less crowded Telok Ayer instead where there are sites worthy of an IG post. Do check out the restaurant Royz et Vous if you have the budget for it. At the end of the day, your girlfriend will be more than grateful that she has plenty of Instagram-worthy pics thanks to you!

Cost: FREE! (Just a camera or your phone and LOTS of patience)

8. Go museum-hopping


For the artsy-fartsy couple, this may one of the places to go with your girlfriend to! Most of the museums in Singapore like the Singapore Art Museum and National Museum offer free admissions for Singaporeans and PRs.

If you have already been to those two common museums, head over to the Museum of Art and Design(MAD) instead. It’ll be a refreshing experience, especially since it has a cafe on the lower level.


Cost: FREE!

9. Hang out at Le Park


Hipster bar? Checked. Good music? Checked. Unique ambience? Check check check! Good to go for you and your S.O.!

Located on the rooftop of People’s Park complex, the secret spot has become not so secret now. But if you’re not in the loop yet, do head over for a different experience. It opens till 10pm on Sundays, so spend the night away! Enjoy the music and a beer or two; socialise and make new friends but don’t forget to intro your girlfriend!

Cost: Food there costs about $10-$12 on average

10. Camp at the beach

Image: TripAdvsior

Start camping on Saturday night and wake up on Sunday to a fun-filled day! After all, the beach is never a boring place; you can cycle in the morning to enjoy the breeze, swim in the afternoon to enjoy the sea then enjoy a hearty dinner to enjoy the food.


For the laid back couples, you can read a book and simply enjoy the breeze, and each other’s company of course! Don’t forget to apply for a camping permit at any AXS machine!

Cost: FREE!

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