10 Secrets You Can Do to Your Car That Your Workshop Won’t Want You to Know


Last Updated on 2022-11-20 , 10:06 am

A car is a big investment, especially in Singapore where you have to fork out hundreds of thousands for both the car and the COE.

If you could make the most out of it, you will be making that investment even more worthwhile.

Here, we introduce some car hacks that you probably didn’t think of doing to your car.

Turn your Steering Wheel Upside-Down when Parking

Singapore’s weather is swelteringly hot and the unforgiving sun often shines right into our car.

If you park in an open space, you will be swearing when you get back into the car because the steering wheel is almost boiling hot, so much so that you cannot even touch it.

Keeping the handles upside down prevents the sun from heating up the wheel so that those leather handles can remain pristine and cool.

Cool Down your Car Quickly

On a hot day, your car might be super hot inside. Roll down a window on one side and move over to the other side of the car and open and close the door a few times.

This gets the air circulating and acts like a big fan to cool down the car.

Immediately Know Where the Gas Pump is

If you always forget which side of the car the pump is on, refer to the arrow on the gas pump symbol.

Get More Oil for your Money’s Worth

When you are holding the oil pump and refilling your tank, only press the trigger in halfway. This ensures that you get more oil, rather than air in your tank. More oil, same amount paid.

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Fix your Scratches

Just grab a bottle of clear nail polish, and apply it on the scratch. It will be magically invisible (or almost)

Cool your Car More Efficiently

If you have turned off your aircon, you can cool your car by opening the windows. However, the trick to it is to only open the front two windows in the driver and side passenger seats. Leave the windows closed and the breeze will be much stronger this way.

Free Phone Holder on Your Car

Simply use a rubber band.

Image: Motorist.sg

Always Keep your Tyres Pumped

All petrol stations have free air pumps, so remember to pump air every time you stop by for a refuel. This gives you a lot more mileage for your petrol. If that’s not possible, do it at least once a month.

Use Hair Conditioner if You Don’t Have Car Wax

You will be surprised, but hair conditioner does the job just as well as car wax when it comes to polishing your car!


Use a Toilet Plunger to Remove Dents.

This is a genius hack, really. The plug will remove the dents by suction.

Image: Autoportal.com

Featured Image: Motorist.sg & Autoportal.com