10 shocking facts about Line that might convince you to use it soon


Last Updated on 2016-06-23 , 12:27 pm

With the influx of social media and messaging apps available on our smartphones, users are spoilt for choice when deciding which ones would be their staple apps.

While LINE is no stranger to the scene, there has been some decline in its popularity in Malaysia and Singapore recently.

Here are some facts that might just change influence you to go back to that highly successful Japanese messaging app.

Self-destruct your texts
Snapchat may be famous for its self-destructing text features but did you know LINE also has a similar feature? You can set a timer under hidden chat where you can make texts disappear from 2 seconds to 2 weeks. The messages you viewed will be deleted after the set time while unread messages will be kept for 2 weeks and then deleted.

Memory board
LINE has this cool feature where users in individual and group chats can create a message board to post pictures and texts if there is something that you want to refer to in the future. It’s kind of like a personal wall on your messaging app, perfect for when you get nostalgic.

Stickers, stickers and more stickers
They say a picture speaks a thousand words and sometimes there is just no word that can so accurately describe your current mood or situation like a LINE emoji or sticker.


Fortunately, LINE has over 10,000 stickers and emoji created to cover the whole spectrum of human emotions.

More than a messaging app
It was initially launched as a messaging app in Japan but over the years, LINE has evolved to be more like Facebook than Whatsapp. There is a timeline where you can post pictures, statuses and videos, follow official celebrity and brand accounts, plus a great many other built-in apps such as LINE Cafe and LINE Camera which you can use daily.

LINE characters
If you have used LINE before, you have definitely heard of Brown, Cony, Moon and James, the adorable and very recognizable LINE characters. They are so popular that merchandise featuring these characters are often sold out like hotcakes.

LINE Creators Market
LINE has its own team of sticker designers that create their now-famous stickers but they have opened up a Creators Market where anyone can design and submit their own stickers for free or for a price.


Creators will get paid if anybody buys the stickers. If you are creative, now would be the best time to get cracking on those sticker ideas you have.

Group calls
Remember those good old days when you could call one friend and put them on hold while dialing another friend and finally having a three-way conversation at once?

LINE has brought that back, allowing you to make calls to up to 200 people at the same time. So if you are separated from your buddies and want to catch up with a few of them at once, just use LINE and start chatting away.

Get great deals
LINE has teamed up with companies who want to advertise their products and services to you, right on your smartphone. As many of us are constantly found with our phones in our hands, what better way to reach you than sending a notification when a promotion is available?

Just follow the brand’s Official Account on LINE and get ready to shop once the promotion starts.

Lock your chats
Other than the previously mentioned self-destructing feature, LINE also allows you lock your app with a password, in case you want to keep any incriminating chats from nosy snoops.

If you forget your password, you can only recover your LINE account by deleting and reinstalling the app.

Reconnect with long lost friends
Want to find your old primary school friends on Facebook but can’t remember their names? Use LINE to find them instead.

LINE Alumni lets you enter your school name and year of graduation so that you can find users who have submitted the same information as you.

Scroll through the results and who knows which long lost buddy you might encounter in the list.


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