10 Signs of an Overly Attached Girlfriend All Guys Should Know


Do you sometimes feel like your girlfriend is being too close for comfort? That she wants to be and is at your side 24/7? Well, here are some signs that show that she’s being overly attached to you.

1. She always includes you in her plans

She may have asked you or she may not have but no matter what she’s doing, she has already reserved a space for you. She’s not going to shop alone or cut her hair alone. She’s not going to meet her friends without you. She’s just not going anywhere if you are not with her.

2. She always includes herself in your plans

When you tell her you’re going out with your family, she’s ready to go along with you. Even when you didn’t ask her to or plan to go with her. If you’re planning to go on a trip, she will do all the research and prepare for the trip with you. She just wants to be part of all your plans.

3. She always wants to talk for hours

There are always endless things for her to share with you about but you don’t. Sometimes, you just have nothing to talk about or you are simply tired but she doesn’t buy it. She feels insecure if you don’t call her.

4. She hates it when you hang out with your friends

Because you will put aside your phone for hours and she can’t track you. Then, she will feel paranoid.

5. She gets jealous super easily

Well, this is a given. You being slightly friendlier to another girl or smiling widely while talking to other girls will bring you trouble.

6. She likes to go through your phone

She just has to know everything and anything about you. That’s all.

7. She dislikes it when you’re on your phone/computer

Especially when she’s right in front of you. It makes her feel less than your game or conversation with another person.

8. She only wants your attention

Undivided attention at that. You can only ask about her, talk about her and be concerned about her. She wants to receive the same kind of attention she gives you.

9. She needs every minute of yours

As long as you’re free, she expects to spend every second of your time with you. No excuses.

10. She’s always impatient with you

You can’t reply her questions slow. You can’t not text her back once you’ve read her messages. You can’t delay her requests. You can’t be late. And the list goes on.

Although it may sometimes be a little scary, in actuality, she just really likes you a lot and wants to be loved the same way. Give her some sense of security and she won’t be that clingy.

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