10 simple hacks for a better posture so you’ll look taller and more confident


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:36 pm

A good posture not only makes you look good but feels good as well. It portrays confidence and reflect a good attitude. No matter whether you’re going for a night out at Zouk, or going for an important job interview, you’ll need to know these 10 simple hacks for a better posture so you’ll look taller and more confident for yourself!

Check your posture in a mirror
Check your posture regularly. You want to know how you look before you try and change how you should look.

Work on strengthening your cores
You’ll have to strengthen your cores to develop an excellent posture. Focus on certain cores you should be training. That’s right, we bet you thought it’s all about adjusting and zero hard work, right? Now get down on the ground and start doing crunches.

Start Yoga
Yoga is a healthy and beneficial activity that helps improve posture as well. Exercising is essential in building the good muscles and getting rid of bad fats which makes you look sloppy. No time or no money? Start out with YouTube then!

Don’t skip the squats. Ensure that you’re holding the right posture when you’re squatting and you’ll be aware of how it feels like to hold your posture when you’re walking. Back straight chest out.

Search on some good pilate exercises to introduce to your weekly routine. Pilates is amazing for your core. We won’t be surprise if you start showing off that abs on Instagram a few months after reading this article.

Planking is the classic exercise to build your cores and reduce back pain. It also improves your balance and trains proper posture.

Inspect your vertical line
The vertical line is where your ears, hips and shoulders should be aligned. If they’re not, you’re not in a good posture. This may also harm your backbone. So make sure to check for this when you’re doing #1.

Evaluate your attitude
Your attitude is linked to your posture, so in order to develop your posture, you’ll have to first feel good about yourself. Time to get yourself some motivational videos to listen to while on the train.

Remind yourself once in every few hours
Remind yourself to stand or sit straight once every few hours. We tend to get sloppy or lazy as the time passes and this will cultivate a bad habit of improper posture. In addition, you’ll realize that after a while, the frequency of reminders required will decrease drastically, and sooner or later, you won’t need these reminders no more.

Take a walk
Take a walk, stretch your muscles. Your muscles can get quite stiff and you wouldn’t want that to happen, especially if you’re working in a desk job. Go to the pantry, go to the restroom, but don’t show your boss this article and use us as an excuse for slacking, okay?

Top Image: sunabesyou / Shutterstock.com