10 simple hacks to keep your room cool even without air-con or fan

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Air con is bad. Really bad. It is bad for your health, bad for the environment and bad for your wallet. So read on to find out how to survive in the oven otherwise known as Singapore without the need for air-cons!

Sit on the floor
The floor is generally cool, especially if it is made of stone. So when you are watching TV or reading a book, you can opt to sit on the floor instead for a more cooling experience. The fluffy sofa tend to trap a lot of heat, and no matter how comfortable your bum is, you cannot read in peace if you have to shift every 5 minutes so that you don’t get cooked.

Spray bottle
Spraying water does cool you down when it evaporates. And it is especially cooling if you have a fan blowing. Spray some mists of water onto the floor, onto  your face, onto where ever you want chilled. When it dries, you feel so shiok that you wonder why you ever need an air-con. Just make sure it dries ya? Cos mold will grow if it doesn’t.

Avoid appliances
All that consume electricity produces heat. Shut down your computer if you’re not using it. Allow ample ventilation if you have a room that has electrical appliances running.

Natural air con
Wet your curtains with water if it really gets too hot. The wind blowing in will be cooled by the evaporation on the curtains and your room will be much cooler. Same as before, make sure your curtain fully dries, and point a fan at it if it fails to dry by itself.

Block the sun
If the sun is shining into your room, close the curtain and keep the rays outside. You don’t need that extra heating of the room.

If the sun is not shining in, open up all the curtains and windows and angle the panels in a way to catch as much wind as possible!

Satin bedsheets
Satin bedsheets are lighter, smoother and certainly feel much cooler compared to its cotton counterpart. Make the switch to satin to make your sleep time far more pleasant without the air con!

Don’t be afraid to shower
On days that are exceptionally hot, don’t be afraid to drive up your shower frequency. You don’t have to soap yourself, and make sure you are not using the water heater! The purpose is to cool your body with a cold shower and also moisten it to allow yourself to feel cooler. Just wet yourself and don’t be too throughout on the drying!

Mop the floor
Believe it or not, the entire house becomes much cooler when you mop the floor. So it is more of putting a layer of moisture on the floor instead of actually trying to clean it.

Drink cool water!
Put a couple of bottles of water in the fridge so that you can have a cool drink anytime you need that urgent cool down!

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