10 simple things a boyfriend do that will make the girlfriend happy like siao

Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:04 pm

Girls aren’t actually that complicated. We just want a man who can make us happy, love us, and fulfill our needs. Simple things will make us happy, seriously. We don’t need the anniversary celebrations or grand proposals, we just want something simple. (This doesn’t apply to high maintenance girls though…) Fulfill these simple things and your chabor will be happy AF.

Cook/Bake for her
Because the way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach. Many girls today would prefer men who can cook, because it means they don’t have to, and because it’s a very sweet gesture. If you are not a good cook, just frying her some eggs and ham will do the trick.

Listen to her when she confides
That’s the only thing a woman will ask for when she’s upset. Just someone to listen while she rants and lets out her emotions. Being there for her when she needs you while make her love you even more.

Do her favourite stuff with her
Like shopping, or karaoke or whatever she likes. Don’t treat it as a chore; enjoy it the way she does and your girl will be happy.

Bring her to short getaways
It’s heaven. It shows her that you do care about her and want her to take some time off so she can relax and unwind.

Massage her legs or other parts
After a long day at work, giving her a light massage is the best thing ever that she could ask for. Of course you can take it a notch higher and make things more hot…

Offer to shop with her
Because we know that not many guys like shopping. Next time she tells you she’s going to shop, you can offer to go with her. Take the time to find out what she likes, what designs she prefers. You can put it to good use when getting a gift.

Surprise her with cards or little gifts
Handwritten notes are the best. It’s thoughtful, cute and old-fashioned. Better than just a text, because it shows you are more sincere. Plus it makes her day; she’ll be thinking of you the whole day.

Hold her hands when with your friends
Some guys don’t hold their girl’s hands when they’re out with friends. It’s one of the greatest taboo ever. You should show your girl that you are proud to call her yours. Don’t leave her alone just because you think it’s uncool.

Compliment her cooking/dressing/appearance
Compliments go a long way. It’s the simplest thing you can ever do. Or even tell her you love her in different ways, different languages. She’ll go to sleep with a huge smile.

Make her laugh
Guys with a good sense of humor are the best. They know the way to a girl’s heart the best. Make her smile, laugh but not cry. Unless they’re tears of joy.

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