10 simple tricks that allows you to look more confident instantly

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It’s a proven fact–people who exude confidence get the big deals. They also get the job done. And the remunerations and promotions always seem to fall in their way more.

How do I boost my look of confidence? There’s just 10 simple ways, which I’ll share with you this instant.

Suck Your Posture Up
Improve your body posture and half the deal is done. Use duct tape to determine if you’ve got your posture in shape.

Here’s how you use it – stand straight and get a friend to help you fix a two stretches of duct tape from your shoulders and down your back. Three inches is more than enough.

You’d need two parallel lines. Connect the two together and you’d get an almost square in place.

As you go on your day, the duct tape will alert you when you’re about to slouch. You’d need to readjust your posture and it helps remind you. A few days of these and you’ve got your posture sorted out.

Take a Walk
Walking is good for you, but it also boosts your confidence. You’ll be able to increase your walking speed. A 30-minute hike thrice a week is good enough.

A Flask with a Surprise
Get a tiny flask and keep it in your coat. Fill it up with your favorite mouthwash. Whenever you’re headed for a meeting, go to the washroom and take a swig to ensure you’ve got fresh breath. Now chat up with your bosses and clients with confidence.

Keep Chamomile Tea Handy
The essence of chamomile has been proven as a relaxant. If you ever find yourself nervous, hit a cup of the tea to realign your perspective.

Keep Your Self-Introduction Short
Let your actions and your work speak for you. The people who work with you will remember you for what you do, not the lengthy details you try and squeeze in a conversation.

Keep Tabs on Eye Colors
When you meet someone new, look into their eyes until you can gauge the color and an adjective that matches it. Dark earth or caramel chocolate. It matters because you’re looking into their eyes long enough for them to believe that you’re confident.

Read Up on News
Talking about what’s happened recently helps break the ice with new individuals.

Stop and Breathe
If you start to lose focus and chatter aimlessly, take a few minutes and five deep inhales of air. The oxygen cuts off the anxiety.

Question and Question Again
Clarify and listen to the response from the person across you. You might just stumble on something useful for your project.

Have a Constant Spot
When you walk into a room and have to deliver a speech, find a constant spot. If you’re nervous, focus at the particular area. You’re creating an optical illusion as if you’re focusing on a particular segment of the crowd.

Top Image: Rachata Teyparsit / Shutterstock.com

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