10 simple yet effective ways to boost your wifi signal at home


Last Updated on 2016-06-16 , 9:14 am

Humans have progressed far beyond what other lifeforms on Earth can even remotely dream about. Hence, it is natural that our basic survival needs have tweaked a little over the years. Other than food,  water and air, I’d have to say that wifi needs to be on that list somewhere.

Yet slow wifi continues to haunt us even today, and fearing that it might drive us to extinction, Goody Feed will publish an emergency  article to fix that slow wifi problem.

Reboot your router regularly
Actually, you should reboot it every day if it isn’t too inconvenient for you. Just switch it off before you go to sleep, we’re sure you don’t need wifi when you sleep, right? Right?

Use a wifi repeater
Or access points, or whatever that can stretch your wifi signals a couple of meters more so that you don’t have to wave your arm around like an idiot when using the wifi from your room. We’re no technician, so consult Youtube on how to install one at home. Also, get some advice from that promoter in Challenger before deciding to use a wifi repeater or an access point.

Boost Your Router’s Signal with a Bit of Hacking
Hack your router and install the DD-WRT firmware. Not only will it give you a ton of great security features and other enhancements, but it gives you the option to boost your transmitting power. But if you’re an IT idiot like me who cannot even start Microsoft Word without asking for advice, then we suggest you skip this option. Or you can consult Youtube.

Using a beer can
But make sure you’re sober before doing this.


This can extend your wifi range a little bit.

Stagger heavy bandwidth usage
If you try to download a movie while your brother is playing Dota, then you are asking for slow internet. Discuss with him about wifi usage. Schedule a time for him to play his game and another time for you to download your movies. It is that simple.

Beware of thieves
If you didn’t know, please be aware that using your neighbour’s wifi is illegal and can result in fines and even imprisonment. But just in case, protect your wifi by setting a password that is not 12345678, or 98765432.

Beware of interference
Your telephones, your tv, and even your microwave can interfere with your wifi signals. And no need to explain why it makes your wifi slow. Just know that it does, so keep your router away from these things. Buying a dual band router can help with this, but you can also buy cordless phones on other bands too.  And why would you put your router next to the microwave anyway?


Beware of more interference
Other than your household appliances, your neighbour’s wifi can also ruin your wifi speed, especially if you live in HDB where the neighbour is only one wall away. Wireless routers can operate on a number of different channels, and you want yours on a channel with as little interference as possible. Use a tool like Wi-Fi Stumbler or Wi-Fi Analyzer to find the perfect channel in your house. If you need more instructions, as usual, seek it from Youtube.

Find the Perfect Spot for Your Router
The wires and shit may be ugly, but it definitely doesn’t deserve to be put behind a wall or hidden in a cabinet. For the best signal, you’ll need it out in the open, free of any walls and obstructions. Point the antennas perpendicularly, and elevate the router if you can. Lastly, make sure it’s in the center of your house, so you have the best coverage possible throughout your home.

Upgrade your wifi
If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, just upgrade your router to the latest most high-tech one. Or if your modem looks more appropriate in the museum, you should definitely upgrade it.

Top Image: WEB-DESIGN / Shutterstock.com