10 Struggles That Are Only Too Real for Tall Girls

C’mon, short people, we have our fair share of problems too. Other than having the strategic advantage of having fresher air on crowded trains, it is not really that fun being The Human Tower. Here are 10 of many reasons why being tall sucks.

1. Being judged for wearing heels.

Image: oprah.com

“You’re tall enough already, why are you wearing heels?!” says every shorter friend, every single time ever. So I want to be an Amazonian for my girls’night out – just let me, okay? I don’t usually get to wear heels because I’m usually towering over the other half if I do.


  1. Being avoided by shorter friends when taking a group photo.

Image: 24.media.tumblr.com

If it happens that everyone in your group is short, you will be all by your lonesome self at the back of the group photo, which might go viral since you’ll be mistaken as a ghastly paranormal sighting.


  1. Trying to fit legs into air plane seats (especially for budget airlines).

Image: boredbug.com

Sometimes I wonder if tall people get knee or joint problems when we get older from squeezing and pressuring our knees to fit into tiny spaces. But obviously we can’t (or don’t want to) spend a lot more on business class. I’ve tried putting a leg along the aisle to ease the squeeze and ended up tripping the trolley dolly.


  1. Feeling self-conscious when you’re standing in a crowd.

Image: quickmeme.com

Tall people tend to feel self-conscious in crowds because they have been perpetually blocking people’s views their whole lives, and then feel the dilemma when standing right in front of their idols on stage during a concert. Alternatively, do a “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” to manually lower your height.





  1. Feeling self-conscious when you have to bend down to speak to shorter friends.

    Image: cdn.iwastesomuchtime.com

Hello short friends, you know I’m not doing this on purpose right? I really can’t hear you from up here! It’s insanely awkward to walk side by side with a friend who’s a lot shorter and (try to) have a conversation.


  1. Trying to find a dress that is long enough to not be a tunic.

Image zalora.sg

Not trying to be indecent, but no Mom, I will not be wearing leggings with this dress. It’s a bummer whenever the dresses you buy online turn out to be too short for work. It’s also hard to find maxi dresses that actually touch the ground instead of hovering around mid-calf.


  1. Risking getting into fatal accidents caused by umbrellas.

Image: flickr.com 

Tall people are constantly at risk of getting their eyes poked out by umbrellas, especially when it’s crowded and people are rushing about – a common situation seen in Singapore. We also get hit in the head by umbrellas all the time.


  1. Crossing legs while sitting at a desk, NOT.

Image: 66.media.tumblr.com

You can cross your legs at the work desk, and risk getting cut from blood circulation in your legs or if you’re lucky, a bruise. Or you could wheel back and cross, while crouching over your laptop like the Hunchback of Notre Dome.


  1. Hugging becomes a weird situation.


We give the BEST hugs, made perfect with our long limbs that envelope your very being. However, it gets awkward when hugs become a boob-to-face situation. Some guys might like tall girls for this though, for the obvious reason, and being hugged by tall people generally feels very comfortable. Unfortunately, tall girls don’t often get the privilege of being hugged the same way unless they encounter even taller people.


  1. Getting called out by prefects in secondary school for “inappropriate uniform”.

Image: az616578.vo.mscecnd.net


Remember that school rule that the correct skirt length has to be two fingers above your knee? Well, it’s an unfair rule for tall girls because we need at least a five-finger allowance between our knees and skirt. We’re not trying to be sexy, you know? #tallgirlproblems

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com.