10 Things a Homeowner Can’t Get a Foreign Domestic Worker to Do (But Some Still Did)

You’ve just hired a foreign domestic worker for your home. It’s completely understandable, especially when there’s so many things that needs to be taken care of while you and your other half are out working.

Before you go ahead and get super comfortable, there are some things you might not have known that comes with having a foreign domestic worker (FDW).

Here are 10 things you cannot do when you have a FDW.

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Not Have A Weekly Rest Day
Yes, she’s only human after all. But here are the terms – if the work permit of your staff has been issued/renewed post 1 Jan 2013. If the two of you agree that she can work on the rest day, it’s best that you have this agreement in writing. She gets either a full day’s salary in return, or a replacement rest day on the same month.

Not Understand Her Initial Hiccups
Your new FDW might experience a language barrier with you, or some difficulty using the household appliances. The same might happen with adjusting to live in high-rise apartments and understanding how you want your kids taken care of. As she needs some readjustment, it’s best if you can teach her how to do the thing she doesn’t know.

Not Provide Enough Food
What is deemed enough in MOM’s books? 3 meals per day, which should also be sufficient according to the household work you’re getting her to do.

Not Force Her To Eat…
Don’t force your FDW to eat food she’s not comfortable with, or not supposed to have in the first place. As an employer, you should be sensitive to her religious and dietary requirements.

Not Provide Enough Medical Care
You (the employer) need to take care of your FDW’s medical needs. This may include hospitalization as well as providing her with personal accident and medical insurance.

You Cannot Not Empathize With Her
Ya la, imagine you leave your family and country and work elsewhere. She’s bound to feel homesick and even lonely. Help her understand how she can reach out to them – maybe Skype with her family once in a while or write letters back to them with pictures or something.

Cannot Make Her Work in a Dangerous Environment
You MUST ensure that she works in a safe condition at all times. This must follow the approved work practices mentioned in the MOM’s training courses for her.

Employers who abuse their FDWs will have to face some pretty fierce penalties. On top of that, they and their spouses will be banned from ever getting another FDW. The term abuse can be subjective, but also common sense: as long as you won’t do something to your kids, you shouldn’t do that to them, too.

No Part-Time Work
No, she cannot take work elsewhere. Also, an FDW can only work in your house as it’s the one stated on her Work Permit. See people bringing their FDWs to stalls to help out? That is technically not allowed.

No FDW Without Work Permit
You face a fine between S$5,000 to S$30,000, imprisonment for up to a year, or both. If there’s been added convictions, an offender will have to serve mandatory imprisonment.

Now you know. Follow the rules and you’ll have no issues!

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