10 Things You Can Put in Your Freezer to Make Your Life a Whole Lot Better


Last Updated on 2022-05-18 , 3:36 pm

Besides being able to freeze water into ice cubes and keeping our food fresh for longer, our freezers are actually made to do even more.

Over the years, people have discovered that placing certain items in the freezer can help to get rid of pests or to straighten out clothing items.

Sounds incredible? You will be even more surprised when you see these 10 things you should be putting in there for best results.

1. Jeans

Image: PageSeven / Shutterstock.com

Many of us re-wear our jeans a few times consecutively because we don’t want to kill the denim by washing it after each wear.

But sometimes, you start to get an odour on them that you want to get rid of so what can you do? Pop it in the freezer overnight.

This kills off bacteria and thus gets rid of the smell from your jeans and makes them ready to wear again for perhaps a couple more days.


2. Stuffed toys and pillows

Image: Facebook (Miniso Singapore)

These are well-known pests and mites attractors so placing them in plastic bags, squeezing out all the air and popping them into the freezer for about 48 hours will help get rid of those nasty things.

3. Cling Wrap

Image: theplasticchallenge.org

If you find yourself constantly struggling with Cling Wrap, pop it in the freezer so that it gets easier to unfold when you need it.

4. Candles

Image: stylesoflife.com


Many of us love to light up aromatic candles whenever we are at home to make the home smell nice and possibly make us feel relaxed too.

However, did you know that you can extend the candle’s burning time by freezing it? Apparently, if you place your candle in the freezer for about a day, you will find that it burns slower and about twice as long.

5. Second-hand wooden items

Image: wayhomevn.com


Used wooden items can sometimes have lots of pests and woodworms in them. By placing these items in the freezer for about two days, you can get rid of these nasty things and have clean utensils and decorative items.

6. Socks filled with rice

Image: thesprucecrafts.com

When the weather is sweltering, like what we are experiencing right now in Singapore, we yearn for anything to keep us cool especially when we are resting. Make cooling “mats” by putting rice in socks and placing them in the freezer for two hours.

Take them out and place them in between bedsheets when you go to bed for a nice, cool, restful sleep.

7. Bags of water

Image: Ljupco Smokovski / Shutterstock.com

Bought a pair of new shoes and they seem to have gotten tight around the toes? You don’t need any of those fancy apparatus to expand your shoes, just a simple bag of frozen water. Pop a small bag of water into the freezer and let it turn to ice.

Take it out and place it in the part of your shoe that requires expanding. As the water melts, it starts to push outwards, in turn making that area of your shoe larger so that you can wear it with ease. Just remember to wipe off the moisture that may have transpired during the melting process.

8. Clothes that generate static

Image: thespruce.com

We all have some clothes that are made from materials that generate static which can be pretty uncomfortable especially in colder environments when they start sticking to our skin and causing that cracking sound.

You can get rid of that by placing them in plastic bags and putting them in the freezer for a few hours.

9. Metal spoons

Image: smallable.com

If you suffer from puffy eyes or cheeks, metal spoons placed in the freezer can be a very good item to use to calm your skin. The cooled spoon can be positioned directly onto the puffy or inflamed spot to reduce the discomfort around that area.


10.A big bottle of water

Image: Radio_h / Shutterstock.com

It is known that the freezer runs more efficiently when it is full so if your freezer happens to be one of those that is constantly empty, you may want to occupy the space by placing a large bottle of bottle in it.

Featured Image: stylesoflife.com + thesprucecrafts.com

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