10 Things you Have Done During Your Secondary School Days You Don’t Dare To Tell Others


Oh, come on. Admit this.

Secondary school days are probably the period of time when we did all sorts of mischief with our friends in school, behind the back of the adults and secretly have fun with our friends amidst the hectic (or boring) school life. If you’ve done any of these before, hi-five, because nobody is a saint!

Removing the window panes
You left your belongings in class and the classrooms are all locked up already. Thus, you remove the window panes from the window and climb into your classroom to retrieve your belongings. Then, you climb back out and put the window panes back.

This is exactly the reason why we all can repair our own windows, isn’t it?

The blur kid
During a day camp in school, you left your belongings in the classroom and forget to take them out. Thus, they are locked in the classroom and you have to go home without your things as the keys to the classroom are being locked in the office already.

For two days, you’ve got no fresh underwear to wear.

Skipping PE lessons
There were always day we just didn’t have the feels for PE lessons–who likes running and smelling like a trash bin in the classroom? Thus, we came out with tons of excuses to skip them–there’re so many, it can be an article by itself.

Silent reading
You forgot to bring a your storybook for silent reading session so you take out a textbook or even notebook and pretend that you are actually reading a storybook.

Or you’ve always been reading the same book, and even on the same page, for the last four or five years.

Newspaper reading
Many of you forgot to bring your storybooks at the same time…which is as common as forgetting to do your homework. Hence, you find a set of newspaper and everyone took one piece from the set of newspaper and stared at read it.

Breaking things in the lab
There is always that someone who broke that one thing in the lab, be it a test tube or even a flask. In fact, there’re so many broken test tubes, one person might have broken at least two test tubes in his or her entire secondary school life. #truestory


Boys will always alter their pants to skinnies, thinking no one will notice and girls will always shorten or fold their skirts, thinking that it is not obvious–when everyone notices…including the teachers.

PE shorts
Because you think the school PE shorts are ugly, you wear your own black FBT shorts and the PE teacher may not notice when you stand in the center of a large group.

You like to draw on your friend’s table using eraser or highlighters and put books on top of your masterpiece so that your teachers or your friends would not see them.

You write a small letter to your crush without your name and put it under his or her table. No matter what, you would not say that you wrote the letter. Interesting how meaningless that is, eh?

Books under tables
Our form teachers would have told us a million times not to leave our books under our tables but we simply would not listen and still leave them under our tables when the teachers were gone. And when the year ended, you’ll throw all of them away–they were never in your house before.

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