10 Things You Must Know if You’re Travelling to Thailand Soon


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 4:17 pm

The death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej has come as a sharp blow to the people of Thailand. The entire country is in a state of mourning for 30 days. If you have plans to visit Thailand for a little R&R and it’s too late to change them, here are 10 things you must know if you’re travelling there soon.

1. Colour of Attire to Wear in the Country

The people of Thailand will be wearing black or white for the 30-day mourning period. While tourists are not restricted to any one colour, the Thai government appreciates any travellers who wear muted and respectful outfits in public. The Thailand Government did not impose restrictions on what tourists can wear. At beach resorts, tourists are still allowed to wear their swimwear.

2. Wat Phra Kaeo and The Grand Palace will be closed

If you’re in the country to visit their historical and religious sites, take note that both Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and the Grand Palace will be closed. Both sites are the venue of the Royal funeral rites. Other tourist attractions will be opened as usual. The Grand Palace will reopen on 21 Oct 2016.

3. Less Exciting Nightlife

The Thai Government has asked the cooperation of bar and pub owners to adjust their opening hours during the mourning period. They were also told not to play loud music in respect for the king. Restaurants and small bar owners also said that while they will remain open, they have cancelled several events scheduled in the near future. Some larger nightclubs and entertainment venues will also be closed indeterminately.

4. Cancelled events

The monthly all-night beach party, the Full Moon Party, on Kho Pha Ngan island is cancelled. Other events cancelled includes the sold-out Morrissey Concert and the Scorpions’ 50th Anniversary Tour.

5. Ratchadamnoen and Lumpini Stadium Closed

The two most popular Thai boxing stadiums in Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen and Lumpini were still closed to the public as of 17 October 2016.


6. Traditional and Cultural Events still Taking Place

It was announced by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) that traditional and cultural events will be taking place, but some of them may be changed as a mark of respect to the late king.

7. Security will be tightened during this period

During the period of mourning, security and safety measures are heightened to facilitate the travel of tourists and Thais within the country.

8. Business as Usual

The major night markets of Bangkok including the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok and the Chiang Mai Night Market are open. Banks, hospitals, public transport and other public services are operating as usual.

9. Check local media outlets and follow advice of local authorities

When you’re in the country, do remember to check the local media outlets frequently for the latest updated news. And it’ll be advisable to listen to local authorities.

10. Don’t do anything disrespectful or inappropriate

The Thai people love and respect their king. With his passing, emotions will run high and everyone is extra sensitive to perceived slights against the royal family. Be extra careful and remember that this is a country which can, and will, throw you into jail for up to fifteen years for insulting the royal family.

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