10 Things You Need to Do Before CNY for a Huat Year in 2017


As Chinese New Year is approaching, many people are probably busy making preparations and getting ready to welcome the new year. Whether you believe in it or not, there are certain traditions that you need to follow before the start of Chinese New Year.

1. Spring Cleaning

This means cleaning out the old and unwanted things to make way for the new ones. Sweep out all the bad luck and keep your broom out of sight, preferably in the store room. This will welcome good luck and good things into your house.

2. Buy new clothes

Wearing new clothes during Chinese New Year symbolises new hopes and beginnings, helping to set things right for the rest of the year. Also, remember to buy clothes that are brightly coloured rather than dull colours, especially red as it symbolises luck in the Chinese culture, which is able to chase away all the bad spirits.

3. Decorate your house with splash of red

Again, red symbolises luck so this will ensure that good luck will enter your house and scare away the evil spirits. 

4. Buy Chinese New Year Goodies

Other than to satisfy our taste buds and tummies, the Chinese New Year goodies are also supposed to be offered to guests who visit your house during this period as a sign of welcome and respect.

5. Buy flowers

Plants such as cherry blossoms, bamboos and mandarin trees are considered as lucky plants by the Chinese so during Chinese New Year, houses are decorated with these plants to welcome luck into the house.

6. Get a haircut

Getting a haircut during the 15 days of Chinese New Year is considered as bad luck and welcoming the bad spirits. Thus, if you need a haircut, get it done before Chinese New Year so that you will look presentable in front of your relatives and friends.

7. Prepare red packets

Bosses and married couples are required to give out red packets during Chinese New Year so remember to get ready a stack of crisp bank notes and pack them before Chinese New Year.

8. Stock up your fridge

Having a reunion dinner with your family and relatives is a must on the eve of Chinese New Year so remember to stock up your fridge a few days before or else it will be difficult to get fresh ingredients the last minute on the day of New Year Eve. 

9. Staying up

While this custom may not be as prevalent in Singapore, children are supposed to stay up on the night of Chinese New Year eve. It is believed that the longer they stay up, the longer their parents will live so children do this as a form of filial piety.

10. Write greeting cards

Although greeting cards have been replaced with sending “Happy Chinese New Year” on Whatsapp, traditionally, people are supposed to send Chinese New Year greeting cards to their friends and relatives with words of blessings written on it, especially if you are not going to spend Chinese New Year with them.


With all these preparations, be prepared to welcome a year of good luck and fortune!

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