10 Things You Need To Know About The Taxi That ‘Exploded’ Near Buona Vista MRT Today


Just today, 30th April 2017, at 2:15pm, a taxi ‘exploded’ near Buona Vista MRT which sent everyone into a frenzy. The taxi first burst into flames, before exploding which caused 4 – including one SCDF Officer to sustain minor injuries. Here are 10 things you need to know about the explosion that happened this afternoon if you haven’t read the news yet. 

1. There was not only 1, but 2 explosions

One explosion went off at 2:15pm, while the louder and bigger explosion went off at 2:20pm. 

2. The taxi driver involved is a 48-year old man

The taxi driver is a 48-year-old man whose vehicle was sent to the workshop for checks two weeks back. The accident was most likely caused by a road traffic accident between the taxi and a car. However, investigations by the Police, SCDF and the LTA are still ongoing.

3. 4 men were injured in the accident

4 men – including a SCDF officer were injured in the accident. They suffered minor burn injures and were brought to the National University Hospital. 

4. There was fire before the explosions occured

The videos filmed by the eyewitnesses showed SCDF officers working to put out the fire. One video appeared to show an SCDF officer getting caught in the fire as the taxi exploded.

5. It was a CNG-powered cab

The cab belonged to Trans-Cab, which uses compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Unlike other companies, the company operates a fleet of CNY cabs which is said to be less polluting.

6. The explosion startled many around the estate

According to a Commonwealth Avenue resident, Judy Chu, the explosion was so loud that it could be heard from the 14th floor of her building. Another hawker from the Holland Drive and Food Centre even thought it was a bomb and went into hiding. 

7. The explosion might have also hurt others passing by

As the explosion went off, plenty of big and small splinters flew around the place. In an article from Today Online, a man was seen bleeding from a cut on his hand and a woman in her 20s was using her scarf to stop the bleeding. 

8. Lots of help were sent down by the SCDF

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said in a Facebook post that it sent one fire engine, two fire bikes, one Red Rhino and two ambulances to the location. According to the pictures shown, the cab was pretty badly burnt though the front bumped seemed intact.


9. Traffic is now closed at Tanglin Halt Road

Due to the accident, traffic might now be closed along Tanglin Halt Road and motorists are advised not to go near.


10. A huge salute to the SCDF officers on site!

Even though there are tons of comments on the Internet circulating about how the SCDF risked the safety protocol and went so near to the burning vehicle, we still have to thank them for their bravery in ensuring the safety of the victims on site. We really do hope and pray that all is well, and that they will have a speedy recovery.

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