10 Things You Need To Do Before You Travel If Not You Will Regret

Travelling is supposed to be enjoyable and fun, though there are also certain must-dos before you leave for your vacation so that it doesn’t cause you any additional stress before or even during the trip. We all have friends who have reached the airport only to realise that they have left the passports at home, or have friends who are always clamoring for WIFI so that they can contact their friends or loved ones.

If you are one who is keen on having a fun and trouble-free holiday, here are some of the things you HAVE to do before you travel to ensure that you have an enjoyable trip! 

1. Prepare for WIFI access 


You might think that it’s not important to have Wifi because almost everywhere has free wifi connection, but you can be very wrong – especially when you are out on the streets and is in need of an Uber but has no Internet connection to book one. 

Our solution? Get a wifi router that is not only cheap from S$5 a day and can also connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. 

2. Check your passport’s expiry date 

You cannot travel within 6 months leading up to the expiry date. So better check before you get stopped at the customs!

3. Book everything in advance


Yup, from hotels, attraction tickets, to even museum passes. This is extremely important so that you can conveniently buy it in English and also enjoy savings when you book them before you leave for your trip!

4. Double check your flight schedule


Please ah, don’t go to the airport at 4pm only to realise your flight was at 2pm. There are people who have experienced this and regretted it terribly because you can’t blame anyone but yourself. The solution? Use the flight watch reminder here to keep track of your flights!

5. Arrange for airport transfers in advance


We all know the dreadful feeling of having to look for taxis or buses to travel to our hotels or AirBnBs after a long and tiring flight. No one has the mood for that – especially when you are in a country like Japan or Korea where you don’t know how to speak their native tongue. 

The solution? Book your airport transfers beforehand to avoid such situations. Prices start from just S$36! 

6. Check the weather

The weather can be extremely erratic so you won’t want to head to a country experiencing its monsoon period without bringing an umbrella, or having to buy one there that can be extremely expensive. It also helps with the planning of your itinerary! 

7. Finish up the perishables in your fridge 

So that you won’t come home to a fridge with food that is almost rotting. Not cool man. Plus, it can be very disgusting.  

8. Activate your cards


Some people might think,”Huh, activate my cards? What if I overspend?”

But what if you want to spend but realise you have not enough money to do so? You’ll surely regret this because you won’t be returning to that country anytime soon. 

9. Book your day tours beforehand


If you are afraid that you are not able to cover most of the attractions in a city within a day, your best bet would be to book day tours to help you maximise your time! Plus, since transportation is included, you won’t have to be worried about additional time spent travelling on your own! 

10. Check for your travel adapter


So that you won’t go to a country and realise you can’t charge your phones or Wifi adapter. Plus, some places might not have adapters readily sold in their stores and it can be a real bummer if you run into such situations especially if you are travelling alone.

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